Welcome to CES 2020

​Someday, the connected car will fundamentally change the experience of mobility. Someday, driving will be about much more than getting from “point A” to “point B.” 

Someday, our cars will be the place we work, socialize, and reflect. 

It might sound revolutionary, but the best part about “someday”is that it’s right now.

This year at CES, we are debuting our consumer-centric mobility solutions. Experience how we have combined our world-class solutions to meet the needs of the consumer while demonstrating how to make time in the car, time well spent.

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Introducing HARMAN ExP

​HARMAN ExP— a connected technology suite that satisfies the need for hyper-individualized, enriching, in-vehicle experiences, and seamlessly integrates to support consumers’ digital lives.

HARMAN ExP is inspired by, and built around, consumers’ needs. It's not enough just to move, consumers want to be moved.​

Introducing HARMAN ExP

Consumer Stories

​To illustrate the many benefits of HARMAN ExP and demonstrate how it is leading innovation in the mobility category, we’ve crafted the following five consumer stories to help bring these revolutionary experiences to life.

Read the stories below.