Can society reach zero-accident mobility through ADAS to provide a feeling of well-being for consumers?

Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development at HARMAN
Reducing accidents and fatalities
This episode features Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development at HARMAN International. Keith shares his expertise in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) while discussing how it’s being used today and how it will help lead to a future where road fatalities, injuries and accidents are no longer an issue.


​In this episode, Karen Piurkowski welcomes Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development at HARMAN. He joined HARMAN’s ADAS team last year to lead the company’s LiDAR platform development. Previously, Keith held senior engineering roles at Takata and at Veoneer, where he was responsible for one of Veoneer’s largest ADAS programs to date. 

Keith shares his knowledge and experience in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). He talks about how ADAS is being used today, the different levels of autonomous driving, and dives deep into how HARMAN is preparing for the future.

Key Takeaways

​[1:00] Keith Hadi talks about his expansive career. 

[2:15] Description of ADAS is and how it works

[3:03] Detail on the benefits of ADAS

[3:44] How ADAS is being used today

[6:57] Future use of ADAS and 6 levels of autonomous driving

[8:55] Keith shares his knowledge on the several futuristic ADAS technologies in the industry and gives his perspective on their use: 

[9:05] Augmented Surround View 

[10:03] E-mirrors 

[10:38] Occupant Monitoring Systems 

[11:10] LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) 

[12:13] Explanation of how LiDAR and cameras work together in self-driving cars

[13:40] A description of how various sensors add to consumer experience in the end

[14:10] Description of zero accident mobility

[14:44] Keith discusses how ADAS contributes to zero accident mobility

[16:14] How HARMAN has partnered with various companies to help drive ADAS efforts​


​“Established driver-assistance systems in widespread use are already proven to have significant safety benefits." #HARMANConnectsMe #HARMANExP #ADAS #safety #mobility

ADAS provides a certain level of automation while driving: reducing accidents and fatalities. #HARMANConnectsMe #HARMANExP #ADAS #safety #mobility

“ADAS has the potential to remove human error from the equation on the journey to zero accident mobility." #HARMANConnectsMe #HARMANExP #ADAS #zeroaccidents #mobility​


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