From RPM to EPM: How are Experiences Per Mile impacting the industry?

David Slump, President of HARMAN Connected Services
From RPM to EPM: How are Experiences Per Mile impacting the industry?
This episode features David Slump, President of HARMAN Connected Services. David leads the day to day operations and financial performance of HARMAN's Connected Services division and is a member of the senior leadership committee for HARMAN International. He is also a member of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council and discusses the group’s mission on the podcast as well as why the participation of many diverse companies benefits the council, and ultimately, the automotive industry as a whole.
David Slump Podcast Speaker

Key Takeaways

​[1:03] David Slump talks about the changes in the automobile industry during the last decade.

[1:57] David shares how HARMAN coined the term “Experiences Per Mile" and its meaning.

[3:00] David discusses what Experiences Per Mile mean to him.

[3:21] David talks about how the shift from RPM to EPM is different from other shifts the automotive industry has faced in the past.

[3:55] As the president of the HARMAN Connected Services division, David talks about his central strategy for delivering Experiences Per Mile.

[5:01] David expresses his view on which types of companies should be involved in delivering Experiences Per Mile.

[5:41] David talks about the areas of immediate impact on the consumer experience that are not OEM-centric and provides examples.

[6:51] As a member of the EPM Advisory Council, David talks about the type of value that he sees in participating as a member of the Advisory Council.

[7:15] David shares what inspired the creation of the EPM Advisory Council.

[8:23] David explains how the Advisory Council benefit the end consumer.

[8:56] David describes what type of accomplishments the Advisory Council will reach in the next year.

[9:54] David talks about what success will look like for him as a member of the Advisory Council.​


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“In my mobility experience, I want to be productive, I want to be entertained, I want to be safe, I want to be connected, and technology is the one that enables those things." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #experiencespermile #connected

“Success means having a solid group of companies and participants that are engaged in helping change the automobile industry for the good of the consumer." #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #experiencespermile #success #collaboration #change #automobile ​

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