What new opportunities exist for Android-based in-vehicle app stores?

Exploring ways to differentiate and appeal to customers

​In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Chris Jo, Head of Ecosystem Business & Global Partnerships for the HARMAN Ignite Store at HARMAN International. During the discussion, Chris provides insights on in-vehicle app stores and the opportunities that exist for Android app developers, automakers, and consumers too.​

Chris Jo

Key Takeaways

[1:42] Chris provides background on his career

[3:30] Why consumers in major markets have expressed interest in navigation apps and functions that would enable a faster trip

[4:25] Why consumers in the United States are less interested in parking discovery and payment apps than consumers in China and Europe

[5:18] The importance of studying consumer behavior as you are building out in-vehicle platforms

[5:57] Reasons why an OEM may opt for an embedded vehicle app store

[7:20] High level overview of the HARMAN Ignite Store

[8:13] Chris explains why the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal is unique

[8:56] Chris shares which types of applications are in the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal

[10:12] Why OEMs should choose the HARMAN Ignite Store

[11:17] Why Android app developers should be interested in the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal

[12:45] What’s on the horizon for in-vehicle app stores

​Mentioned in this episode:
HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal


Research shows that consumers are willing to pay a premium for applications that maximize the in-car experience. #ExperiencesPerMile

"We anticipate more OEMs will adopt Android automotive OS in next five years." -Chris Jo, HARMAN #ExperiencesPerMile

Through the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal, Android OS developers can deploy automotive applications, which OEM can easily scale and manage to drive new digital touchpoints with customers. #ExperiencesPerMile #AndroidDevelopers​​

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