Has the commercial customer been forgotten?

Improving the in-vehicle experience for commercial customers
Has the commercial customer been forgotten?
In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes May Russell, Emerging Technologies Executive at Ford Motor Company. May also serves as CIO of Ford Commercial Solutions for fleet telematics and data services and is the Global Head of Vehicle Health and Security Services. Here, May explains how Ford is using connectivity to improve the in-vehicle experience for commercial customers.
May Russell

​Key Takeaways

[1:45] May explains what Experiences Per Mile means to her

[3:39] Why Ford decided to join the EPM Advisory Council

[4:29] Ford's investment in improving the in-vehicle experience for its customers

[5:19] How the in-vehicle experience differs for commercial customers versus retail customers

[6:42] How automakers can ensure they are catering to the preferences of the driver as well as the fleet manager

[9:00] Commercial driving use cases and how experiences differ

[10:33] How Ford is ensuring the commercial customer isn't being forgotten

[11:37] May predicts collaboration within the mobility space

[12:35] May's vision for the future of in-vehicle experiences for commercial vehicles


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EPM Advisory Council


“For us, Experiences Per Mile is the in-vehicle and away-from-vehicle experience that really enables our customer's lifestyle." -May Russell, Ford #EVEPM #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #fleet #telematics

A vehicle does not just take you from point A to point B. Not only is it an essential service, but it also enables a lifestyle AND is a core part of millions of businesses globally. #EVEPM #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #fleet #telematics

"All customers are of equal importance, but we have to recognize their unique needs and their unique journeys that really facilitate and make their lives and businesses better." -May Russell, Ford #EVEPM #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #fleet #telematics​

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