In-cabin Experiences

Ready On Demand

Enabling sound experiences that can easily be acquired throughout the lifespan of the vehicle including personalization, sound enhancements and communication features.
Ready On Demand
Ready On Demand is a scalable platform for delivering branded audio value, feature enhancement, upgrades, and monetization opportunities in an easy-to-use app.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface, an integrated app platform and connectivity to several different interfaces as well as online payment solutions.​

Customer Insights

Once a vehicle is purchased, OEMs struggle to maintain system profitability. Cost pressures for development and the need for commoditization of features make it difficult to offer budget conscious consumers everything they want in a vehicle at the time of purchase. Market research has shown that features that can be added on-demand or activated later appeal to consumers throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.

Customer Pain Points

  • Budget constraints at time of purchase hinder the ability to get all desired features
  • Upgradeability whenever, regardless of age/purchase date of vehicle
  • Need for a high level of customization, configuration, and personalization of the user experience
  • Desire to use sound systems in vehicles in more flexible ways​​

Elevating the Consumer Experience

​Consumers can add, upgrade and personalize their car and the audio system when, and where they want to. OEMs can offer consumers a comprehensive range of experience packages now, as well as updated feature packages later, to keep consumers on the cutting edge of available technology.

Unique in Market
No similar product on the market yet. Car audio systems typically cannot be extended after production of vehicle. Only HARMAN can provide a product that enables premium audio, is deeply integrated with the car’s IVI system and allows for a software platform that can easily be extended by additional apps.

Intuitive and Easy to Use
Elegant and simple sound management allows the user to customize and control all aspects of the audio experiences in the vehicle.

Upgrade Anytime
Evolves the vehicle into a content delivery platform by allowing access to purchase products and features at any time post-sale of the vehicle.

Monetization Opportunities
Creates new, long-lasting streams of revenue from vehicle.

Key Features


  • ​Personi-Fi provides the user with a simple, seamless and personalized audio experience sure to elevate any drive. By performing a listening test in the vehicle, each user can create their personal profile. Listening preferences are then applied to all music and content for an optimized audio experience.



  • HARMAN Premium Communications raises conversations to a new level of clarity – whether it’s with a voice assistant, someone on the other end of a phone call, or amongst passengers.



  • VirtualScapes acoustically transport vehicle occupants and their favorite artists into celebrated performance spaces from around the globe. Each location will then subtly change how the music, phone calls, navigation prompts and even non-system-reproduced tunes.

  • NatureScapes allows passengers to transport themselves to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, transforming the in-vehicle experience into a rich and colorful tapestry of nature.​


Expandable Apps and Features

  • It comes with an easy-to-use interface, an integrated app platform and connectivity to several different interfaces as well as online payment solutions.

  • With minimal hardware requirements at the time of production, Ready On Demand enables aftermarket sales for the automakers and the car buyers, with zero risk, since current and future features are only to be paid for and licensed when being activated.​

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