HARMAN External Microphone

With a fully developed design capable of clean vehicle integration, the External Microphone is enabling OEMs to keep pace with consumer expectations of speech-controlled vehicle action and exterior sound detection.
HARMAN Embedded Audio: External Microphone
Harnessing Sound to Enhance Automotive Experiences

Innovation in today’s automotive landscape is all about enabling aspirational consumer experiences at the speed of demand. At HARMAN, we are at the forefront of this bold new era with a host of cutting-edge solutions, like the External Microphone. 


With its robust design and easy vehicle integration capabilities, this game-changing acoustic sensor is raising the bar for verbal interaction and situational awareness. External speech recognition, enhanced acoustic detection, increased awareness of approaching vehicles – it’s all made possible with the HARMAN External Microphone.

Redefining Convenience and Safety

The global microphone market is estimated to grow from USD 2.3 billion in 2022 to reach USD 3.4 billion by 2027, and can be attributed to high adoption of next-gen consumer electronics and increased number of microphones per device. For the automotive industry, this means aligning with consumer expectations of speech-controlled convenience that rivals home smart speakers and the ability to sense and detect exterior sounds.

To help automakers and OEMs stay a step ahead of evolving consumer demands, HARMAN has developed the External Microphone – an acoustic sensor capable of seamless vehicle integration and detection of any exterior sound. The robust design allows the sensor to withstand direct environmental exposure with a unique Conical Grille and Protective Membrane, while offering exceptional acoustic performance amid external noise factors on the road. The result is a vehicle that raises the bar for speech recognition and enables critical safety-focused use cases like emergency vehicle detection.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Single distributed or array configurations
  • Environmentally robust
  • Target IP69: membrane solution
  • ​​Functional at highway speeds of 70+ mph
  • Small footprint
  • Analog or digital (A2B) interface available
  • Mounts in bumper or other trim around the vehicle
  • ​HARMAN-owned IP

External Microphone Solution Package

External Microphone Solution Package
Key Features

Cost Effective

  • Robust microphone design

  • Analog or digital interface available 

  • Simple attachment methods


Single or Array Configuration

  • Single configuration for detection 

  • Scalable array configuration 

  • Combine with beam-forming for localization 


Environmentally Robust

  • Target IP69

  • Membrane solution

  • Allows for easy water jet cleaning and drainage of water​


Easy to Integrate

  • Small size (15mm dia. grill)

  • Many potential vehicle locations

  • Small 2-way or 4-way connectors required​

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