Why are automakers using OTA updates to improve consumer experience?

Mark Boyadjis, Global Technology Lead for Automotive Advisory Services at IHS Markit


​Host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Mark Boyadjis, the Global Technology Lead for Automotive Advisory Services at IHS Markit, to this episode. Mark is a globally-recognized expert in automotive technology markets, strategies, and foresight as well as a career analyst and consultant thanks to his rich variety of expertise in technology forecasting, technology management, and strategic advisory topics.

In this episode, Mark shares different strategies for OTA (Over-the-Air) deployment, describes some of the challenges in bringing it successfully to market and comments on how OTA is benefiting consumer experiences all around the world.​

Key Takeaways

​[1:16] Mark provides an overview of IHS Markit

[1:58] An explanation of OTA updates in the Auto Industry

[2:52] Key challenges in bringing successful OTA functionality to market

[5:04] Different strategies for OTA deployment today

[7:54] Consumer insights 

[11:40] Why more OEMs are deploying OTA updates

[13:50] Trends that will impact OTA updates, and how OEMs leverage them as part of a connected vehicle platform

[16:38] How automakers scale OTA updates​


​“From a top line perspective, IHS Markit expects more than 250 million vehicles to have some sort of OTA by 2025, whereas today, the industry is only at about 50 million." #OTA #ExperiencesPerMile #automotive

In a recent IHS Markit survey, more than half of consumers who answered the survey expressed they'd choose to have OTA (Over-the-Air) updates on their vehicles. #HARMANConnectsMe #technology #OTA

Download the IHS white paper discussed in this episode at info.car.harman.com/IHSwhitepaper. #OTA #HARMANConnectsMe #whitepaper #ExperiencesPerMile​


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