HARMAN Offers Projection Pre-certification Services Extending its Operations Across Europe

The new (AAP) certification seeks to streamline production, testing and go-to-market for Android experience on head-units and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems

​The HARMAN office location in Lodz, Poland is now increasing its services to automakers and Tier One suppliers after its approval as a 3rd Party Lab (3PL) for Android Auto Projection​ (AAP) certifications. In a world where connectivity is of growing significance to end consumers, this facility continues to maintain its position as the leading authorized 3PL partner for Google on AAP certification.

The demand for rich in-vehicle consumer experiences is increasing and automakers are anxious to integrate Android Auto functionalities to their head-units and in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Android Auto allows an end-user to project their phone’s screen onto the IVI system, making it safer and easier to use with their device while driving. To provide such functionality, via USB or Wireless, automakers and Tier One suppliers must certify their IVIs and Head-Units with Google through a 3rd Party Lab partner, such as HARMAN. 

HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services​ (AES) business unit has 700+ Test professionals including 150+ ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) certified. It has presence in the major manufacturing markets, including India and China. Our user centric test library, experience of executing multiple production programs and automation first strategy helps in producing shorter system test cycles and better quality. The HARMAN global presence and existing relationships across the US, Asia and Europe offer a benefit to automakers and Google can now rely on HARMAN to certify head-units developed by its automaker customers.

HARMAN continues to contribute to the automotive ecosystem with systems that seamlessly connect to other digital devices and offer the functionality they are designed to provide. In addition to the HARMAN partnership with Google on AAP certification, the company expertise continues to assist global connected-vehicle programs. 

Examples include:

  • The leading Third-Party Lab for Google with Dedicated Test Lab for Development Test, Pre-Certification/Certification Test of Android Auto Projection
  • Complete access to the GAL requirements and certification process
  • Dedicated Interoperability Test Lab for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and Automotive Projection Modes (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and BAIDU CarLife), Emergency Assist and OEM applications
  • Dedicated Lab set up to certify AAP on any head unit  
  • Android Auto certification includes both bench and vehicle testing

HARMAN offers Advanced Engineering Solutions​ to participants in the global automotive ecosystem that address complex business challenges. We support OEMs and suppliers, whether they choose to lay foundations and build capabilities in-house or partner with third parties to offer more integrated solutions to their consumers.  

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