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HARMAN has a constantly growing portfolio of exciting and innovative connected car solutions ranging from hardware components to highly-integrated Digital Cockpit Platforms and the fully flexible, end-to-end cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite. This list provides an overview:

Safety & Security

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Combined with Samsung’s extensive sensor, camera and consumer experience, HARMAN is enabling automakers to implement a new generation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.
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Automotive Cybersecurity
HARMAN SHIELD is the most comprehensive Intrusion Detection and Prevention solution (IDPS) to detect, manage, mitigate and respond to cyber attacks on connected vehicles.
Automotive Cybersecurity for Connected Car
Software Vulnerability Management
The amount of code involved is staggering, access to the code may be restricted and the overall process depends on all the providers in the automotive OEM’s complex supply chain.
Software Vulnerability Management
V2X - Vehicle To Everything
With 5G becoming reality, HARMAN enables cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) for all communication between the car and its environment.
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Cloud & Connectivity

HARMAN Spark is an easy-to-use connected car device and app that provides WatchIt tow/disturbance notifications, Virtual Mechanic, Driving Score, Trips, Geofencing and more.  It can also turn your car into a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot.
Conformal Antenna
HARMAN’s multi-band conformal antenna combines multiple antennas in a single module that can be mounted beneath the vehicle’s body panels.
Rinspeed Etos concept vehicle with integrated Conformal Antenna. (c) Rinspeed
Device Management and Settings
Vehicles can produce more than 500 GB of data each day. Connected vehicles coupled with data storage and analytics capabilities of the cloud enable numerous new automotive business models. One of the main challenges automotive ecosystem faces in developing a cloud-based Connected Vehicle Platform is Device management.
Device Management and Settings
Device Virtualization for Connected Vehicles
The automotive industry moved from having standalone systems for various functions such as Infotainment, Telematics, Instrument cluster, Diagnostics and more to more integrated systems handling multiple functions.
Device Virtualization for Connected Vehicles
HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform
HARMAN Ignite is an end-to-end cloud platform that supports various use cases by providing connectivity, application enablement, analytics and managed-service capabilities.
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According to the GSMA, all new cars will be connected by 2025, and will have a growing number of in-vehicle systems that are dependent on software.
OTA Smart Delta updates for Maps
Map updates are performed to refresh the data on a vehicle’s navigation and safety systems. Information on new and updated roads, signage, points of interest, speed limits and more optimize route suggestions for the driver.
OTA Smart Delta updates for Maps
Telematics Control Unit
HARMAN offers telematics solutions to automakers worldwide, supporting a host of functions ranging from eCall to extended connectivity options such as real-time traffic reports and service bookings.
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Telematics Powerhouse
5G will become the next standard for cellular services, as it has much higher bandwidth and much lower latency than 4G. HARMAN and Samsung will be at the forefront of 5G commercialization.
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In-vehicle Experience

Advanced Displays
As the number of in-car screens grows, HARMAN meets the challenge and creates the very best experience for the driver and passenger.
HARMAN Digital Cockpit premium concept. (c) HARMAN
Digital Cockpit Components
HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit platform and harmonization technologies are true industry innovations.
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Digital Cockpit Platforms
HARMAN offers a scalable hardware and software platform for integrated cockpit solutions, leveraging any cloud platform connected by 4G/5G telematics.
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360° Services

HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services
HARMAN offers Advanced Engineering Solutions to global automotive ecosystem participants to address these complex business challenges.
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Experience Design for Brands
Huemen, with an empathy-first approach, creates effective design that simplifies the equation of Intelligent, immersive, intuitive and individualized user experiences.
Huemen Design
The Integration Experts
“Integration is our secret weapon.” The pace of innovation facilitating and enhancing the connected lifestyle is accelerating. The key to success lies in how these products and technologies are integrated.
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