Solutions for Connected Automotive

Innovative connected car solutions ranging from hardware components to highly-integrated Digital Cockpit Platforms


ADAS have the potential to remove human error from the equation on the journey to zero-accident mobility. In addition, the evolution of more powerful cockpit architectures allows for the pre-integration of ADAS functionality in Digital Cockpits.
Solution Cluster: ADAS SOLUTIONS

Automotive Cybersecurity

The changing landscape and hyper-connectivity between the car and the cloud also create cybersecurity challenges, with an increased attack surface that requires active monitoring and protection. OEMs require solutions that will enable them to deliver new experiences while managing associated risks.
Solution Cluster: Automotive Cybersecurity

Digital Cockpit

The cockpit of today is fully connected, improves safety and the perfect companion for a digital life. The HARMAN Digital Cockpit combines all experiences on one single platform. The platform bundles all strengths of HARMAN’s areas of expertise to create maximum value for OEMs and consumers.
Solution Cluster: Digital Cockpit

Over-the-Air (OTA) Solutions

HARMAN OTA is the industry-leading solution for managing full-vehicle software and keeping it up-to-date.
Solution Cluster: OTA

Telematics Solutions

5G is on its way and will facilitate a whole new dimension of connectivity. HARMAN and Samsung are leading the 5G commercialization by introducing a full lineup of products and solutions.
Solution Cluster: Telematics Solutions

Cloud Solutions

HARMAN provides cloud solutions to create an in-car experience that rivals, and in some cases beats, the personalization of a smartphone or other consumer devices
Solution Cluster: Cloud

Smart/Auto Solutions

Connecting the unconnected to unlock the potential of over 450 million unconnected vehicles. HARMAN Smart Auto solutions make cars become connected instantly.
Solution Cluster: smart-auto

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