Panel Discussion - The In-cabin Experience: Shifting Forces for OEMs

As the general population is increasing in many cities throughout the world, there is a need to more intelligently manage dynamic, real-time information to optimize mobility, safety and efficiency. We are living through a mobility evolution propelled by new technologies influencing both public and private sectors alike. HARMAN Automotive is focused on building city intelligence and delivering safer communications between the car and its environment to satisfy the growing need for connectivity.

These topics, and more will be addressed at EcoMotion​ 2023, where HARMAN Automotive is a Silver Sponsor. This event is known for having the biggest and the brightest minds from the mobility sector engaging in conversation. Ilya Sloushch, Director of Engineering for ADAS/AD at HARMAN Automotive, will participate in a panel discussion and will speak about the transformational mobility experiences and in-cabin sensors available in HARMAN Ready Care.  With Ready Care, HARMAN Automotive is answering the call to integrate the rapidly growing digital health and wellbeing segment into one product offering. Mr. Sloushch, along with several other industry leaders, will discuss the in-cabin experience and shifting forces for OEMS on the Main Stage.​

WHO: Ilya Sloushch, Director of Engineering for ADAS/AD, HARMAN Automotive

WHAT: Panel Discussion - The In-cabin Experience: Shifting Forces for OEMs

WHEN: May 23, 2023 at 14:05 (2:05 pm EST) 

WHERE: EcoMotion Main Stage Expo Tel Aviv, Pavilion 1
Ilya Sloushch

In addition to Ilya Sloushch, the other panelists participating in the discussion are: 

  • Iris Pappo, Shibolet & Co., Partner in the Hi Tech and Venture Capital Practice
  • Dr. Peter Lehnert, BMW Group, VP Technology & Innovation – E/E Architecture and Digital Car Experience
  • Tal Krzypow, Cipia, VP Product
  • Holger Beilstein, Continental, Head of Business Field UX Assets

As cars are becoming software, AI and data focused connected devices, the new “battleground” of the industry and a key factor in competition is user experience.  The panel will discuss how the experiences in the car have changed and will change for the future, including driver monitoring, cabin sensing, personalization, content and e-commerce as well as other industry trends such as data collecting and security.  The EcoMotion event will also feature speakers and panels covering topics including: 

  • New Trends in Mobility
  • Financing Innovation in Today's Market
  • An Exclusive Look at Israel's Testing Sites for Autonomous & Connected, Cybersecurity and Drone Technologies
  • Startups revving up the EV Revolution
  • Infrastructure for an Electric World
  • Sustainability & Mobility
  • Collaboration for Sustainable City Development
  • ​And much more! 

Driver drowsiness and distraction are major causes of traffic fatalities and many of the current monitoring solutions are ineffective. Our consumer research confirms that consumers desire more in-vehicle health and wellbeing solutions in the car and understanding the driver is a key need for enabling personalization features and improving safety. With over a half century of experience delivering solutions at the highest caliber, HARMAN Automotive provides human-centric solutions based on exceptional standards. The HARMAN Ready Care product combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and selected in-vehicle sensors to detect a driver’s personal state and proposes a customized and personalized in-cabin response to mitigate safety risks and increase wellbeing. 

The HARMAN Ready Care product is the first solution that can detect eyes and mind on the road and deliver a customized response—improving driver and occupant mobility. With state-of-the-art technology, including camera-based rPPG and radar-based sensors, the visual and mental cognitive-load-measurement uses neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning to classify a driver’s behavior into a focused versus a distracted state.

HARMAN Automotive is excited to share insights on how Ready Care is improving safety and wellbeing in the vehicle on the Main Stage at the EcoMotion event. This year is all about Mobility 360 and is sure to be one of the most exciting smart mobility events globally. The event week will facilitate opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and business interactions to move the mobility sector forward. EcoMotion is a joint venture of the Israel Innovation Institute (NGO) along with Israel's Ministry of Transport and Road Safety and the Ministry of Economy and Industry. 

HARMAN Automotive products power billions of mobile devices and systems that are connected, integrated and secure across all platforms, from work and home to car and mobile.  The latest innovations leverage Samsung’s connected lifestyle and hardware expertise, allowing automakers to create an ecosystem of unique, smart, enhanced, and rich in-vehicle experiences.  HARMAN Automotive is staying ahead of drivers and passengers – and the world around them. Join us at EcoMotion – the must-attend international event for all the major players in smart mobility and learn how HARMAN Automotive is transforming in-cabin experiences with intelligent automotive products.

To learn more about the HARMAN Ready Care product discussed by Ilya at EcoMotion, click here​
​​​Karen Piurkowski​

​​​Karen Piurkowski​

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​

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