Ready Tune

A software-activated branded audio solution enhancing your in-cabin listening experience
HARMAN Ready Tune

Ready Tune is a branded audio experience that can be activated with a touch of a button.

​Combined with a branded app to easily activate and control its many features, Ready Tune offers a turn-key, user friendly and affordable way to maximize in-cabin audio experiences.​

A Branded Audio Experience Delivered and Enabled by Software

​Today’s automotive customers want great sound in their vehicles, yet on a global basis only 14% of vehicles include a branded audio solution. To address that unmet market need, and backed by extensive consumer research, HARMAN created Ready Tune. The result is a software-enabled personalized audio experience with a 10–20 percentile point benchmarking improvement over the existing base audio system…all at an affordable price point!​

Great Sound. Easy to Use. Affordable Price.

​With a simple touch of a button, consumers can activate a software enabled upgrade that transforms their vehicles existing base audio system into a high audio quality, HARMAN branded listening experience. Leveraging HARMAN’s deep automotive and design experience, the easy-to-use branded app offers a user-friendly interface that activates and serves as the product’s control center. Integrating with the carmaker’s ecommerce and cloud it manages activation, and with underlying audio services it manages the tuning and audio features.

The personalized listening experience is strengthened by Personi-Fi’s listening-test based EQ, HARMAN Audio Features, AudioworX and HARMAN tuning.
Consumer Experience

Affordable & Easy-to-use

  • ​Activation at any time via an Android App at the comfort of home, at the dealership or at the factory. 
  • Great branded car audio experience that is affordable for everyone​


  • ​Personalized EQ overlay is customized according to your personal profile and listening test. Enabled by patented, Personi-Fi technology
  • Seat-specific tuning; optimized for location and number of occupants, enhancing image and overall sound quality
  • ​Multi-Profile user management quickly switches custom settings for each use​r

Sound Experiences

  • Live: Replicating the acoustics of live stadium performances.  Listeners perceive all the music details as if they are at a concert.
  • Club:  Provides a crisp, punchy bass experience beyond the limitations of traditional, smaller speakers. 
  • ​Talk:  Enhances spoken content, such as podcasts and audio books, through customized filters accentuating the vocal range.
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