Streamlining Development and Delivery of Best-In-Class Audio Experiences
Automotive Sound Experiences at the Speed of Demand
Consumer expectations have been set by the pace of smart device evolution, and as such OEMs and their partners need to accelerate their time to market and maximize re-use in all aspects of their sound software product development. ​HARMAN created AudioworX, the best way for OEM to bring sound experiences to its customers.

A Single Framework Streamlining Development Efforts

AudioworX offers a rich interface for development, fuses audio technologies into features and systems, brings them to life with HARMAN tuning tools and efficiently delivers them to OEM customers.

It helps HARMAN internal teams, sub-component suppliers, and OEM customers to overcome inherent development, consistency, and time to market inefficiencies of bringing software products to market. AudioworX brings these together using a single framework, and provides a common, intuitive, and flexible signal flow development tool, run-time environment and global tuning tool.​

How it works

System Engineering

  • The AudioworX Signal Flow Designer (SFD) allows you to deploy features across DSPs, SoCs and ECUs. 
  • HARMAN and 3rd party technologies are available for drag-and-drop construction of your ideal audio flow using a library of standard audio building blocks. 
  • This audio processing can be simulated on PC or target hardware while collecting computation and memory measurements for each block.

DSP Development

  • AudioworX provides audio and control signal interfaces which can be further manipulated by logic elements and look-up tables for those that are tasked with developing a new technology or porting an existing one to a new platform.
  • For more complex designs, the 3rd Party Algorithm SDK allows you to create custom audio feature libraries integrated with the overall vehicle signal flow.​

Acoustic and Noise Management Tuning

  • Global Tuning Tool (GTT) provides built-in tuning panels for frequently used DSP functions. 
  • Users can create or combine their own custom tuning panels to optimize their workflow.
  • Tuning parameter sets are not pre-defined and can be created by the tuning expert to isolate features and manage complexity of different vehicle configurations.​

Prototype and Proof-of-Concept

  • AudioworX can help you to provide the demonstration of a single feature or a complete audio system to your colleagues and customers to gauge effectiveness and obtain early buy-in. 
  • It combines system design, technology development and tuning capabilities to do this.​
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