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The cockpit as a part of the digital ecosystem
Intelligent Cockpit Global Market Solutions
The Car is an Extension of the Driver’s Connected Lifestyle
Today, more than ever, consumers expect to be constantly connected to their digital lives, no matter where they are. HARMAN designs products and services that support the in-vehicle experience to meet the expectations of a mobile lifestyle. HARMAN’s Intelligent Cockpit Platform is designed to seamlessly connect the vehicle to relevant systems, thus saving the driver time and improving the connected lifestyle in the car and beyond. The Intelligent Cockpit Platform is based on either Linux or Android and can be flexibly integrated into every vehicle line.​​

Premium Cabin Experience at Volume Pricing

​Consumers are demanding more digital experiences inside the car regardless of the vehicle’s price point. Through value and integration engineering, HARMAN’s global market solutions enable a personalized and integrated cabin user experience. This platform leverages the experiences from delivering premium solutions with immense cost down through reduced hardware costs. This is achieved via reduced system complexity with the ability to be seamlessly connected across multiple domains. The approach provides profound rich user experiences like personalization, navigation, voice and productivity without the associated costs of a premium system. A key component to delivering such rich, cost-effective experiences comes from the HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform​.​

Key Highlights

  • Premium cabin experiences for the mass market
  • Reduces cockpit system complexity and enables content to be shared across multiple domains
  • Allows cockpit designers to innovate with various configurations based on a single platform
  • Integrated user experience across cluster and IVI displays plus natural voice recognition​
Entry Intelligent Cockpit Features

Navigation and Driver Assistance Systems

  • Online Navigation and Voice Recognition
  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Rear View Camera
  • Surround View (optional)
  • eHorizon (optional)

Cloud Services

  • ​HARMAN Ignite Store​

Audio and Connectivity

  • AudioworX – Premium Entry Audio
  • Audio player
  • Bluetooth & WiFi Projection Mode
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