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Elevating the entire in-cabin listening experience
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​With more than 70 years of deep expertise in acoustic design, tuning and signal processing, HARMAN is leading the way in elevating the entire in-cabin listening experience.

More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and connected car systems.

  • AKG by HARMAN - Cadillac
  • HARMAN Infinity
  • JBL Car Audio
  • Mark Levinson Car Audio
  • Revel Car Audio
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • Bowers & Wilkins
HARMAN Car Audio Brands

Our respected car audio brands and award-winning technologies deliver music the way it was meant to be heard - capturing the power, detail and emotion in every note to make any drive an exhilarating experience.And we don’t stop there. With advanced sound management and smart audio solutions, HARMAN innovations are already driving the evolution of the in-vehicle experience.​​


Our Solutions

HARMAN Seat Sonic
Seat Sonic is a scalable Passenger-Centric audio system that delivers exceptional audio performance through the vehicle's seats. It enables compelling social and individual experiences. The SeatSonic experience can be delivered either as stand-alone product or as a core component of a holistic experience that leverages other HARMAN products, partners and brands.
OEMs and their partners need to accelerate their time to market and maximize re-use in all aspects of their sound software product development. HARMAN created AudioworX, the best way for the OEM to bring sound experiences to its customers. It offers a rich interface for development, fuses audio technologies into features and systems, brings them to life with HARMAN tuning toolsand efficiently delivers them to OEM customers.
Compression can remove up to 90% of the audio details originally recorded in your favorite songs. HARMAN Clari-Fi™ is a revolutionary technology that brings compressed music back to life.
HALOsonic is a set of tailormade sound solutions comprised of Electronic Sound Synthesis (ESS), Engine Order Cancellation (EOC), Sound2Target™ (S2T™) and Road Noise Cancellation (RNC).
HARMAN External Microphone
Traditional microphones can’t keep up with consumer expectations of speech-controlled vehicle action, bi-directional verbal communication, and greater awareness of surroundings. Enabling speech recognition and acoustic sensing, the External Microphone is a multi-functional sensor, helping OEMs deliver seamless connectivity between consumers and their vehicles, while enhancing situational awareness on the move.
HARMAN Sound and Vibration Sensor
HARMAN Sound and Vibration Sensor (SVS) enables automotive OEMs to meet consumer aspirations of speech-controlled convenience and increased situational awareness. A fully developed, DV-tested multifunctional sensor with wideband performance and invisible vehicle integration, SVS enables external speech recognition and acoustic sensing for a multitude of applications.
HARMAN VirtualWORKS provides a virtual product development framework including tools, models, and processes, aiding the car audio system creation via integrated virtual engineering, that can be applied to all stages of the development process.
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