Predictive and Preventive Maintenance in the SDV era with Deep Data

HARMAN Automotive has been a market leader in providing a variety of OTA solutions to the automotive industry, both for ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) and EVs (Electric Vehicles). 

Advancements in software, hardware, and their interaction comes as new opportunities for OEMs to monetize on their strong investments, but also introduce new complexities that are growing exponentially. The new SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) architectures require OEMs to reevaluate their processes to keep these highly complex systems with high performance, availability, scalability, and reliability. Car owners will not tolerate any glitches in vehicle operation, whether it is safety related, or any other in-cabin experience functionality ranging from infotainment to comfort to connectivity. It is critical now more than ever for OEMs to have the ability to predict a malfunction before it happens.  The power to predict a failure of a hardware or a software component will allow the OEM the opportunity to prevent it from happening.

HARMAN OTA has entered into a collaboration with the world-leading IC continuous monitoring solution provider proteanTecs in view to further strengthen HARMAN’s Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (PPM) offering for the next-gen Software Defined Vehicle.  The solution will enable vehicle OEMs to efficiently predict a multitude of issues before they become real problems, then utilize HARMAN’s state of the art OTA capabilities to perform or recommend corrective actions to mitigate the issues.

The combined solution takes an innovative approach to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance by extracting and analyzing deep data from within System-on-Chip (SoC) devices, using machine learning techniques that allow to:

  • Gain greater insight into the ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit’s) health

  • Monitor performance degradation and predict the time to failure 

  • Pinpoint the source of faults

  • ​Enabling comprehensive monitoring at the ECU level, at the vehicle level, and even at the fleet level leveraging advanced Analytics and AI capabilities part of the combined cloud-based solution

Leveraging this data allows for enhanced Predictive and Preventive Maintenance practices to meet the surging safety and reliability requirements of today’s software powered vehicles, while reducing maintenance costs. The approach utilizes Over-The-Air (OTA) technology and advanced device health monitoring capabilities to collect vehicle data and apply software updates and remote vehicle configuration to a targeted vehicle population.

As shown in the diagram above, by turning the chips in the SDV into high precision, high-resolution system sensors, and running advanced analytics on these measurements, vehicle manufacturers can gain the required insight to identify faults before they turn into failures, mitigating them on-board when possible, and efficiently and economically managing their impact at the OEM, transportation management and service facility levels.

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Michal Geva

Michal Geva​

General Manager, OTA and Cybersecurity at HARMAN International​​

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