How is connectivity driving the EV consumer experience?

Improving the in-vehicle experience for electric vehicles
In this episode, guest host Jeffrey Hannah, Chief Commercial Officer at SBD Automotive, welcomes Manish Mehrotra, Executive Director of Digital Business Planning & Connected Operations for Hyundai Motor North America (HMNA). Their discussion centers on the in-vehicle experience for electric vehicles (EVs) and how connectivity is driving change.
Manish Mehrotra

​Key Takeaways

[1:48] Manish describes his role at HMNA

[2:35] Manish tells Jeff about key initiatives he is working on

[4:44] Manish explains what Experiences Per Mile means to him

[7:15] How the in-vehicle experience differs for EV versus traditional ICE vehicles

[10:36] How connectivity can help break the barrier to EV adoption

[14:05] What should be standardized with connectivity and what should be differentiated between automakers

[16:53] Information about the IONIQ 5, Hyundai's new all-electric SUV

[20:25] Manish's vision for the future of in-vehicle experience for EVs

[24:31] Different types of partnerships Manish expects to see in the industry moving forward


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“We are committed to the future of mobility with smart, clean, connected, and innovative technologies and integrated solutions designed to be sustainable from the ground up." -Manish Mehrotra, Hyundai Motor North America

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Accessible education is important for first-time EV owners to fully understand the experiences their vehicle can deliver. #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #EV #electricvehicles​

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