In-cabin Experiences

Ready Display

Leveraging Samsung scale and patented technology, Ready Display delivers benchmark optical experiences at accessible price points. ​
HARMAN Ready Display
Powered by Neo QLED
Ready Display enables OEMs to deliver state-of-the-art in-vehicle viewing at optimized price points, by leveraging patented Samsung technologies, exclusive to HARMAN.

With brilliant sleek designs, superior UI/UX elements, and exceptional mechanical and system integration, this innovative solution is reimagining automotive displays for an unmatched in-cabin visual experience.

Aspirational Viewing in a Refined Package

As an integral part of digital cockpit, automotive displays are rapidly becoming a crucial component of the human-machine interface in vehicles. TFT-LCD screens just can’t match consumer demand for high-end, immersive displays like the ones seen in electronic devices, such as smartphones.

Neo QLED delivers vivid and brilliant optics that enable leading home entertainment levels of viewing in the vehicle.

  • ​Flexibility in size (compared to OLED)

  • Best for in-dash design

  • Curvature (future potential)

  • Local dimming backlight leveraging blue mini LEDs (lower cost)

  • Cadmium free Quantum Dot (QD) film (regulatory requirement met)

  • HDR ready display with high contrast, >95 color gamut, near perfect black, and reduced halo effect 

  • Lower LCM panel thickness 

  • ​Greater dimming zones and low optical distance

Taking In-Vehicle Visuals Up a Notch

Ready Display
Key Components


  • Brilliant performance and high efficiency

  • Readability under all environmental conditions (temperature or sunlight)


Design & Package

  • Nearly borderless design

  • Slimmest possible package for a seamless and elegant integration

  • Free floating or dashboard integration without compromising head-impact, misuse, and ingress protection​


System Integration

  • Optimal performance, safety, and security

  • Supports latest system requirements for graphic content processing, protection, handling, and in-car communication​


User Interface Options

  • Offers selectable UI options like: Touch capabilities, Capacitive buttons, Light sensors, Physical tell-tales, Haptic feedback, Cameras for driver monitoring (IR) or video conferencing, Fingerprint/light sensors​


Class A Surface

  • Tailored for OEM interior cabin and IP design 

  • Customized style, shape, size, aesthetics, materials, mounting, fixation, etc.​
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