HARMAN Ignite <br> Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

Introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud services
HARMAN Ignite Service Delivery Platform
A New Driving Experience

​OEMs, dealers, fleet management companies and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can leverage HARMAN Ignite SDP to introduce, easily deploy and manage new cloud services and apps meeting the convenience, information, safety, security and entertainment needs of customers around the world.

The driving experience of today looks completely different than it did just a few years ago, with drivers coming to expect the same level of connectivity and seamless experience that they enjoy in every other aspect of their lives. HARMAN Ignite SDP enables connectivity, device management, application enablement, analytics, cybersecurity and managed services capabilities, in a SaaS model. With this smart, seamless, and scalable approach, OEMs can realize lucrative digital revenue via new business models and revenue streams while creating a stand-out driver experience for their customers. HARMAN Ignite SDP also helps in meeting the back-end service management and operational needs of our customers. OEMs, fleet management companies and MNOs can maximize efficiency and minimize internal costs in their pursuit to fully offer the connected lifestyle experience.
Key Features

HARMAN Ignite Client

  • Device SDK library
    • Facilitates data/event messaging to Master Client
  • Client SDK library
    • Manage events & data messaging at Master Client
    • Out-of-the-box automotive services (i.e., CAN management)
  • Connected to HARMAN Ignite platform in the cloud​​


Core Infrastructure

  • Reliable - Manage large scale of devices and vehicles over time, enable the clarity of state and monitoring for any of the devices
  • Scalable - Can rapidly scale from 1,000’s to millions of users and vehicles ensures that data shared between the client and backend is both efficient and minimized
  • Secure - Backend and on device secure management, provide means for secured device management including:
    • Service-client authentication
    • Package signature verification
  • ​Flexible - Easily add and replace any component, Mix and match different business components to build new solutions​​


Core Capabilities

  • User Management
  • Device & Vehicle Management
  • Data Collection and Processing
  • Analytics and BI
  • Subscription Management
  • Notification Center


Automotive Services

  • ​Vehicle Health Management
  • Vehicle Tracking and Trip Managements
  • Driver Tracking
  • Premium Services
  • Auxiliary Services
  • Extended Services
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