Vehicle Types

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Vehicle Types
From Passenger Cars to Agricultural, Heavy Trucks, Motorcycles and Powersport Vehicles, HARMAN has customized its products for all vehicle types

Comprehensive Solutions for Various Vehicle Types

Passenger Vehicle

Consumer's lifestyles are becoming increasingly connected, creating a rising demand for customized products and services. Passenger vehicles can no longer be represented as transportation devices to go from point A to point B, as they continue to serve a much larger role in life.

To enable drivers to seamlessly bring their connected lifestyle into their own vehicles, HARMAN has developed a dynamic portfolio of innovative automotive products for vehicle manufacturers. Additionally, a wide range of Car Audio technologies and features with brands like JBL, Harman Kardon, Revel or Infinity also create the most immersive in-cabin sound experiences available today.

Passenger Vehicle

The agricultural sector is undergoing a profound transformation. On one hand, farmers need to adapt their business quickly to the increasing trend of prioritizing short supply chains and locally grown food, mostly coming from consumers. On the other hand, by 2050 the global agricultural industry will have to provide food for 10 Billion people or more.​

To meet this increasing demand, farmers are faced with the challenge of continually improving their productivity, along with other challenges such as the negative consequences of climate change threatening their crops and the necessity to follow more sustainable resource use strategies. Therefore, investing in digitalization and data analytics have become a priority for farmer companies. HARMAN has developed tailor-made solutions for agricultural vehicle manufacturers from a fully connected Intelligent Cockpit including OTA (Over-The-Air) updates, HARMAN Ignite, and more.

OTA Agriculture
Heavy Trucks & Buses

A heavy truck is a very special transportation device as it is both a working tool and a second living space for its driver. The competition can be tough in the transportation and logistics industry but the search for increased profitability cannot overlook the rising need for truck drivers' safety and comfort. To improve the communication flow between drivers, fleet managers and business owners, HARMAN provides customized hardware and software solutions that best fit the customer's need.

HARMAN provides solutions for heavy trucks and buses such as HARMAN Ignite, Over-The-Air (OTA) updates, a scalable Intelligent Cockpit Platform and multivehicle communication solutions. Additionally, products such as HARMAN Ready Care ensure the driver's safety and reduce their fatigue. For the driver's comfort and entertainment, HARMAN has also developed a wide range of audio speakers, amplifiers, software and algorithms. 

OTA for Trucks and Buses

Power, speed, adrenaline and thrill are probably the most common purchase motivations for motorcycle fans. However, they are also looking for maximum safety and high-end connectivity product and services. 

A road hazard condition alert system and the detection of sharp bends help the motorcyclists to better anticipate and regulate their speed, to significantly reduce the risk of crash. In case of an accident, a crash detection system can perform a B-call if enabled via cell phone. HARMAN technologies, in particular the displays, have been specially developed to resist to extreme weather conditions and vibrations.  Our touchscreen functions can detect hand gloves for more convenient daily use.


Whether on a boat in the Caribbean, on a jet ski in the mountain or behind an ATV's handlebars driving in the mud, outdoor and powersport enthusiasts want to stay connected and have access to the same digital services as the ones they have in their cars. To guarantee a seamless connected journey for powersport users, HARMAN has adapted its automotive solutions for powersport vehicle manufacturers.

At HARMAN we make sure that our products meet all requirements in terms of resistance to extreme weather conditions (rain, heat or snow) and are adaptable to water and sand environments.  From HARMAN Ignite, to scalable Intelligent Cockpit Solutions and branded Car Audio Speakers, HARMAN offers a wide range of customized products and services to ensure a best-in-class riding experience for powersports fans.

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