New Ways the Automotive Ecosystem is Personalizing the Consumer Experience

How the in-vehicle experience becomes an adaptive, predictive elevated space
New Ways the Automotive Ecosystem is Personalizing the Consumer Experience

In this episode, host Jeffrey Hannah welcomes Anthony Landamia, a Product Management Executive at Xperi with over 35 years of automotive and mobile product management experience. Anthony talks about new ways that the automotive ecosystem is personalizing the consumer experience for the digital cabin.​

Anthony Landamia

Key Takeaways

[2:13] Anthony covers why Xperi joined the EPM movement.

[3:27] Summary of the wide range of technologies Xperi provides. 

[4:19] Jeff and Anthony discuss Xperi becoming an independent public company and how it affects Xperi’s strategies.

[5:44] Anthony explains how its pioneering in-cabin sensing can offer better consumer experiences in the vehicle and various use cases. 

[7:38] Anthony explores the difference between HD Radio and DTS Auto Stage in terms of personalization as well as overall experience. 

[9:20] How the acquisition of Tivo and Viewed complements the digital cabin and can offer OEMs and end users next generation media experiences in the vehicle. 

[10:32] Xperi is taking a wholistic approach to combine technologies for better passenger experiences. 

[11:54] Anthony discusses how smartphone apps and digital keys play a role in establishing personalization for drivers.  

[13:17] Anthony’s outlook on personalization and connected experiences for the customer’s journey in the years ahead. 

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The intelligent car will be capable of taking inputs from the exterior and interior sensors and adjust the interior of the cabin to match the situation and your state of mind. #ExperiencesPerMile #experience

With DTS Auto Stage, we take that radio experience and turbo charge it for the connected car. #ExperiencesPerMile #experience

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