Is the key to creating a truly immersive gaming experience the car?

Jason Riggs, Vice President of Intelligent Audio at HARMAN
In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Jason Riggs, Vice President of Intelligent Audio at HARMAN. With more than 20 years of experience in tech, Jason has a proven track record of bringing cutting edge audio technology from ideation to volume production. Most recently, he led the program scoping for the new HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max. Jason gives a behind-the-scenes look at Gaming Intense Max solution and explains how it is turning the car into a third living space.
Jason Riggs

Key Takeaways:

[1:56] Jason gives an overview of the new HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max

[2:53] The inspiration behind Gaming Intense Max

[4:07] HARMAN’s history in the gaming space

[5:04] Key features of Gaming Intense Max

[6:39] Deep dive into the hi-res displays in Gaming Intense Max

[8:04] The car audio technologies featured in Gaming Intense Max

[10:03] What it was like developing Gaming Intense Max

[12:06] The biggest challenge of developing Gaming Intense Max

[13:34] How Gaming Intense Max is shifting the way automakers and consumers view time in the car

[14:07] Jason shares how he thinks turning the car into a gamers paradise is going to impact the automotive industry in the future

[14:51] How the industry is reacting to Gaming Intense Max​


​There are 2.7 billion gamers globally, which equates to about 2 gamers for every vehicle on the road. HARMAN research found many of these gamers were frustrated that they only had access to casual mobile games in their vehicles. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #gaming #research

“With Gaming Intense Max, we wanted to remove the limitations of mobile gaming, and provide an immersive in-vehicle gaming experience that could surpass the best home PC or console gaming experience.” #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #gaming

When developing Gaming Intense Max, a number of workshops with avid gamers were conducted to understand what was missing for in-car gaming today and what the ideal future gaming experience would be. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #gaming #research​

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