Connectivity is Driving the EV Consumer Experience

We’re celebrating the two-year anniversary of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council with three new episodes of the Experiences Per Mile podcast featuring founding members of the Advisory Council. This blog post summarizes episode 24 of the podcast where Manish Mehrotra, Executive Director of Digital Business Planning & Connected Operations for Hyundai Motor North America (HMNA), discusses the in-vehicle experience for electric vehicles (EVs) and how connectivity is driving change.

​Manish Mehrotra is a founding member of the EPM Advisory​ Council and has participated in the organization for more than two years.  He believes that the in-vehicle experience is what attracts consumers to a brand, and once they are owners, is something that keep customers loyal. This sort of connected experience differs for consumers who are purchasing electric vehicles versus those purchasing traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

One key difference is consumer pain points. For EV owners, charging and range anxiety are the biggest causes of concern. However, Manish explains that telematics connectivity in the Hyundai app can enable certain features that address various charging scenarios. For example, it can allow an EV user to plan their charging schedules and take advantage of favorable rates via the EV time of use plans from utility providers.

As various automakers are striving to cross that chasm with EVs, connectivity can break through the EV barrier of adoption and mitigate range anxiety issues.  But, according to Manish, it all starts with infrastructure. More fast charging stations that are easily accessible are necessary and will mitigate range anxiety. Consumer education is important as well. Providing resources for first-time EV buyers can help further break down barriers. Digitizing owner education with digital owners’ manuals and user-friendly messaging are just a few ways Hyundai is bridging the knowledge gap.

When it comes to standardization versus differentiation, Manish shared how he thinks the industry should approach the EV experience. Capabilities such as charging infrastructure, safety, protocols, and payment methods should be standardized. “Whether you're renting a car or you're borrowing a ride through car share, the more EVs are standardized, the more consumer adoption will increase,” said Manish. “The differentiation really comes from the customer experience that is delivered, and how well the various features are integrated to deliver value and delight the customer.”

Hyundai Motor Group is contributing to this space with a commitment to introduce 23 EV models and sell 1 million EV units worldwide by 2025. The new IONIQ 5 is an important part of the company’s strategy. “Hyundai is transforming itself from being an automaker, to being a smart mobility solution provider,” said Manish. “We're investing in the latest technologies that will transform the way people interact with their mobility solutions and elevate their quality of life. We are committed to the future of mobility with smart, clean, connected, and innovative technologies and integrated solutions designed to be sustainable from the ground up.”

In a recent EPM podcast episode, Manish shares his vision for the future of in-vehicle experience, which he sees through a consumer lens. Manish thinks that in developed, large markets, “the vehicle will become the identity.” Today, our mobile phones serve as companions, but he believes these devices will become secondary to a vehicle’s primary source of connectivity and will allow consumers to be engaged even closer with brands.

To hear more on this topic, listen to this episode of the Experiences Per Mile podcast​.

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