Embracing Collective Intelligence

At HARMAN, we believe that "WE" is more important and powerful than "I." As we set upon our journey to upgrade our strategy, mindset and the way we work together and with our partners, we knew it would be critical to tap into our vastly talented network of people around the globe.

Today's blog post will showcase how we "Embrace Collective Intelligence" as a Superpower and competitive advantage. 

The Power of Our People

We attract the best in the field and seek out individuals who want to shape the culture of the company where they work. Our products enhance life's experiences so it's critical that we reflect and include all different viewpoints and expertise. 

We build geographically dispersed teams and hire people with unique backgrounds and capabilities, from AI to connected car technologies. HARMAN values all employees as we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. We know that this helps to build a fair workplace and to foster equal opportunities for all.

At HARMAN, people feel respected as individuals. Employees are encouraged to express their ideas, thoughts and perspectives. With a mantra to "Think, Connect and Create," constructive debate often leads to the most effective solutions. 

Committed to Collaboration

Our employees hold each other accountable and trust each other to do their work and look out for the team's interests. As a leadership group, we host regular meetings with all employees to review our Divisional business performance, share information and ask for feedback.

HARMAN also offers a range of learning and development opportunities for employees to grow – from HARMAN university to mentor-mentees and the "Hungry Cubs" leadership development program. 

Ongoing training ensures that each individual has the complementary skills and knowledge to deliver on responsibilities. When employees do encounter role challenges, HARMAN seeks to support them through job rotation or role change. 

Product Performance

"Embrace Collective Intelligence" helps us to deliver our products on time, with better quality and competitive prices. We continually strive to learn from each other and to share knowledge to challenge ourselves; benchmarks are promoted between HARMAN internal manufacturing sites.

In the world of product manufacturing, we realize that we don’t know everything. HARMAN builds an exclusive and dedicated team geographically but also involves third parties where appropriate to drive “best-in-class” performance.

Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.

At the end of the day, our approach delivers new and innovative technology for end users. It's all about designing and delivering world-class products and experiences that withstand the scrutiny of an automotive grade-environment.

Embracing Collective Intelligence helps shape our daily way of thinking and approach to align with our global vision and strategy. It enhances collaboration in our teams as people feel heard and safe enough to take intelligent risks.

Shaping the future is an exciting proposition. I am energized every day about what's next and know that our funnel of award-winning products will continue to delight our customers and consumers for years to come.

About Me – More on Steve Zhang

Steve serves as Senior Director and General Manager of the HARMAN Dandong manufacturing site that produces Car Audio speakers supporting global customers, including Toyota, GM, Ford, Volvo, Hyundai, Kia, BMW and Chinese OEMs. A 25-year industry professional, Steve identifies and implements process improvement that increases accuracy, consistency and efficiency. With strong leadership, communication and interpersonal skills, Steve establishes a rapport with all levels of staff and management. 

​​Steve Zhang​

Sr. Director and General Manager, HARMAN International​

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