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Experiences Per Mile Podcast

We explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them
EPM Podcast

​Experiences Per Mile is a program for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, where we explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them. During each episode, we feature different thought leaders in the automotive industry and explore various trends around the experiences inside the vehicle​.


Ep 27: New Ways the Automotive Ecosystem is Personalizing the Consumer Experience

​In this episode, host Jeffrey Hannah welcomes Anthony Landamia, a Product Management Executive at Xperi with over 35 years of automotive and mobile product management experience discusses new ways to deliver unique, personalized digital cabin experiences to both drivers and passengers.​

Anthony Landamia

Ep 26: What new opportunities exist for Android-based in-vehicle app stores?

​In this episode, Chris Jo, Head of Ecosystem Business & Global Partnerships for the HARMAN Ignite Store at HARMAN International, provides insight on in-vehicle app stores and the opportunities that exist for Android app developers, automakers, and consumers alike.​

Chris Jo

Ep 25: How has in-vehicle navigation evolved to satisfy consumer needs?

Featured in this episode is Paul Hohos, Vice President of Automotive Sales and Managing Director for Americas at TomTom. During the discussion, Paul describes how personalization is being added to embedded in-vehicle navigation to improve user experience, and much more.​

Paul Hohos

Ep 24: How is connectivity driving the EV consumer experience?

This episode features Manish Mehrotra, Executive Director of Digital Business Planning & Connected Operations at Hyundai Motor North America. Manish chats with guest host, Jeffrey Hannah, Chief Commercial Officer at SBD Automotive, about the in-vehicle experience for EVs.​

Manish Mehrotra

Ep 23: Has the commercial customer been forgotten?

In this episode, May Russell, Emerging Technologies Executive at Ford Motor Company, explores the in-vehicle experience for commercial customers, and how it differs from that of retail customers. She also details Ford’s investment in in-vehicle and away-from-vehicle connectivity services.​
May Russell

Ep 22: How does the new WP.29 regulation impact both OEMs and consumers in European markets?

In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Marcin Biedron, OTA Product Manager at HARMAN. With more than 15 years of experience in software engineering and management, Marcin is part of the product management team behind the industry-leading HARMAN OTA solution, a convenient and secure way to update vehicle software. Marcin explains the new WP.29 regulation stemming from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) and how the regulation is changing the way automakers work.​


Ep 21: Will digital creators extend their content curation to the driver’s seat?

​In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Tim VanGoethem, Vice President of Automotive Product Management at HARMAN. Tim oversees HARMAN’s team of product management experts to determine HARMAN’s Automotive strategy and portfolio. He also anticipates market needs to define compelling, differentiated product lines, and develops innovative business models as well as the go-to-market approaches across all HARMAN Automotive Strategic Business Units. Tim gives a behind-the-scenes look at the HARMAN ExP Creator Studio and explains how it is turning the car into a third living space.​

Tim VanGoethem

Ep 20: Is the key to creating a truly immersive gaming experience the car?

​In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Jason Riggs, Vice President of Intelligent Audio at HARMAN. With more than 20 years of experience in tech, Jason has a proven track record of bringing cutting edge audio technology from ideation to volume production. Most recently, he led the program scoping for the new HARMAN ExP Gaming Intense Max. Jason gives a behind-the-scenes look at Gaming Intense Max solution and explains how it is turning the car into a third living space.​

Jason Riggs

Ep 19: How can music lovers elevate their concert experiences from the car?

​In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Chris Trestain, Engineering Manager at HARMAN. Chris is on the EPIC Experience Team, which is focused on transforming the in-car user experience by leveraging technologies across the HARMAN Automotive group. Chris gives an up-close look at the new HARMAN ExP Drive-Live Concert solution and explains how it is turning the car into a third living space.

Chris Trestain

Ep 18: How can we improve accessibility to EVs while maximizing Experience Per Mile?

​In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Riley Winton, User Experience Concept Manager at HARMAN. Riley is on the EPIC Experience Team, which is focused on transforming the in-car user experience by leveraging technologies across the HARMAN Automotive group. Riley discusses the growing demand for electric vehicles and why a compromise-free electric vehicle (EV) experience is important. He also discusses why winning two recent industry awards—2021 IOT Breakthrough Award for “Connected Car Innovation of the Year,” and the Popular Science “Best of What's New” Award—are significant.​

Winton Riley Podcast

Ep 17: Is dashcam technology making vehicle owners safer?

​This episode features Munish Kumar, Director of Connected Aftermarket Products at HARMAN. Munish discusses the dashcam market and how the HARMAN smart/auto VISION connected ADAS dashcam is addressing current issues in the market to create a sense of well-being for consumers.

Ep 16: Can software integration make drivers feel more accomplished?

​In this episode, Kaushik Banerjee, Vice President and General Manager of Automotive Engineering Services at HARMAN, details how the demand for advanced connectivity features is changing the experience inside the car and how the Automotive Engineering team at HARMAN is helping customers to address this challenge. 

Kaushik Banerjee

Ep 15: How are driver and occupant monitoring systems increasing consumer enjoyment?

​Featured in this episode is Dr. Alan Jenkins, Senior Director of Global ADAS Product Development at HARMAN. Here he dives deep into in-cabin monitoring systems, including occupant and driver monitoring systems, and how these technologies offer a safer, more enjoyable mobility experience.

Alan Jenkins

Ep 14: Will streamlining car and radio services provide better social connection for drivers?

Gerhard Grossberger, Director of Telematics Product Management at HARMAN, is featured in this episode. Gerhard shares the most recent telematics technology innovations and how the Smart Conformal Antenna in particular, is transforming vehicle experiences, from aesthetics to radio signal performance and more.​
Gerhard Grossberger

Ep 13: What’s the Experience Per Mile outlook for powersport products?

​Special guest Patrick Weldon, Director of Advanced Technology at Polaris, joins guest host Jeffery Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive, for this episode of the podcast. Patrick shares how people using off road vehicles benefit from hyper-individualized, connected experiences and value togetherness during their mobility journey.​

Patrick Weldon

Ep 12: Can the Experience Per Mile promise be optimized via location technology?

​Featured in this episode is special guest Charity Rumery, Head of Automotive & Industrial Sales at HERE Technologies , and guest host Jeffery Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive. Charity shares how time in the vehicle can be enhanced with the addition of location technology.

Charity Rumery

Ep 11: How is enterprise software accelerating Experiences Per Mile?

​In this episode of the podcast, guest host Jeffery Hannah, Director of North America at SBD Automotive, and special guest William Newman, Chief Industry Executive Advisor at SAP, discuss how SAP and its leading enterprise software and CRM solutions can unlock a winning consumer experience.​

William Newman

Ep 10: How can consumers increase their productivity in the car using an automotive marketplace?

​Featured in this episode is Daniel Xing, Head of Product Management for HARMAN’s automotive cloud platform, HARMAN Ignite. Daniel explains how in-vehicle automotive marketplaces or app stores became a priority for OEMs and why it’s beneficial for them to work with a Tier-1 supplier to provide this service instead.


Ep 09: Why are automakers using OTA updates to improve consumer experience?

​Special guest Mark Boyadjis, Global Technology Lead for Automotive Advisory Services at IHS Markit, shares different strategies for OTA (Over-the-Air) deployment, describes some of the challenges in bringing it successfully to market and comments on how OTA is benefiting consumers all around the world in this episode of the EPM podcast.​


Ep 08: Can society reach zero-accident mobility through ADAS to provide a feeling of well-being for consumers?

​This episode features Keith Hadi, Director of Product Development at HARMAN International. Keith shares his expertise in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) while discussing how it’s being used today and how it will help lead to a future where road fatalities, injuries and accidents are no longer an issue.​


Ep 07: What foundational elements are needed in the digital cockpit of the future to boost consumer enjoyment?

​In this episode, we speak to Arvin Baalu, Vice President of Product Management and System Design at HARMAN International. Arvin shares the most recent digital cockpit technology innovations, its foundational elements, the experiences the consumer is seeking when using this technology, and what is expected for the digital cockpit of the future.​


Ep 06: From RPM to EPM: How are Experiences Per Mile impacting the industry?

​This episode features David Slump, President of HARMAN Global Markets, Strategies & Services and HARMAN International senior leadership committee member. He is also a member of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council and discusses the group’s mission to improve the automotive industry on the podcast.​


Ep 05: What are the new technology trends for electric vehicles?

​Featured in this episode is Chris Ludwig, Vice President of the EPIC Experience Team at HARMAN International. He leads HARMAN's innovation of the total in-car experience through sound, technology, and design. Here he shares insights into the EV market and how EV technology differs from that of gas vehicles.​


Ep 04: How will 5G enable the next generation in-car experience?

​In this episode of Experiences Per Mile, Roger Jollis, Head of Product Management for HARMAN’s Telematics Business Unit, shares how 5G will change the near future of the in-vehicle experience and explains why the industry will greatly benefit from this new era of connectivity.​


Ep 03: Phone app or embedded system? How will you navigate your car in the future?

​This episode features Oren Betzaleli, former Senior Vice President of the Software Platforms Product Business Unit at HARMAN International. Oren dives deep into the advantages and disadvantages of embedded navigation systems, while comparing them with navigation phone apps many consumers have become comfortable using.​


Ep 02: What new features will enable the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow?

​Joining Karen Piurkowski is Aaron Thompson, Senior Director of Platform Development for HARMAN's ADAS Business Unit. Aaron shares his knowledge about the current trends in autonomous solutions, artificial intelligence, safety and most importantly, about how these new technologies will benefit the in-vehicle experience for customers.​


Ep 01: How will software empower a personalized experience for the customer?

​In this episode, we speak to Steve Surhigh, Vice President of Automotive Cloud Solutions for HARMAN Connected Services. Steve shares his knowledge about new mobility concepts, vehicle personalization, scalable software architecture, and more.​


Ep 00: Introducing Experiences Per Mile

This introductory episode will help you understand what Experiences Per Mile means and how it’s shaping the automotive industry. You’ll meet the podcast host, Karen Piurkowski, Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing for HARMAN Connected Automotive, and learn about her background.
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