Experiences Per Mile Podcast

Experiences Per Mile is a program for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, where we explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them. During each episode, we feature different thought leaders in the automotive industry and explore various trends around the experiences inside the vehicle.



Ep 06: From RPM to EPM: How are Experiences Per Mile impacting the industry?

This episode features David Slump, President of HARMAN Connected Services. David leads the day to day operations and financial performance of HARMAN's Connected Services division and is a member of the senior leadership committee for HARMAN International. He is also a member of the Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council and discusses the group’s mission on the podcast as well as why the participation of many diverse companies benefits the council, and ultimately, the automotive industry as a whole.


Ep 05: What are the new technology trends for electric vehicles?

This episode features Chris Ludwig, Vice President of the EPIC Experience Team at HARMAN International. He leads HARMAN's innovation of the total in-car experience through sound, technology, and design. Previously, he led the global acoustic systems engineering team for automotive and spearheaded all of Harman-branded audio sound signatures, including Mark Levenson, JBL, Infinity, Harman, Kardon and Lexicon. Here he shares insights into the EV market and how EV technology differs from that of gas vehicles.


Ep 04: How will 5G enable the next generation in-car experience?

Roger Jollis, Head of Product Management for HARMAN’s Telematics Business Unit, shares how 5G will change the near future of the in-vehicle experience and explains why the industry will greatly benefit from this new era of connectivity. In his role, Roger is responsible for HARMAN’s telematics control units, V2X, and advanced antenna technologies. He has more than 20 years of experience leading global organizations for international B2B companies including HP, Talus, Garmin, and Honeywell.


Ep 03: Phone app or embedded system? How will you navigate your car in the future?

This episode features Oren Betzaleli, Senior Vice President of the Software Platforms Product Business Unit at HARMAN International and General Manager of HARMAN Israel. He has nearly 30 years of experience in technology, business, marketing, and management roles. Oren dives deep into the advantages and disadvantages of embedded navigation systems, while comparing them with navigation phone apps many consumers are accustomed to.


Ep 02: What new features will enable the in-vehicle experience of tomorrow?

Joining Karen Piurkowski is Aaron Thompson, Senior Director of Platform Development for HARMAN's ADAS Business Unit. Aaron is a true innovation leader, driving and executing future concepts and turning them into production ready solutions in the automotive industry for more than 15 years. Aaron shares his knowledge about the current trends in autonomous solutions, artificial intelligence, safety and most importantly, about how these new technologies will benefit the in-vehicle experience for customers.


Ep 01: How will software empower a personalized experience for the customer?

In this episode, we speak to Steve Surhigh, vice president of Automotive Cloud Solutions for HARMAN Connected Services. Steve has over 30 years of operations, sales and management consulting experiences, and has led cloud-based implementations for a substantial number of automotive manufacturers and suppliers. Steve shares his knowledge about new mobility concepts, vehicle personalization, scalable software architecture, and more.


Ep 00: Introducing Experiences Per Mile

This introductory episode will help you understand what Experiences Per Mile means and how it’s shaping the automotive industry. You’ll meet the podcast host, Karen Piurkowski, Global Marketing Director for HARMAN Connected Automotive, and learn about her background.

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