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Ready Vision QVUE

Transforming the windshield with pillar-to-pillar projection to bridge the physical and digital worlds
Ready Vision QVUE

Ready Vision QVUE transforms the windshield to bridge the physical and digital worlds into an intuitive and safe driving experience. Leveraging HARMAN Automotive in-depth consumer understanding, this automotive grade solution on the windshield delivers a seamless high quality display experience. 

This modular and scalable display can reflect vehicle data, connectivity and infotainment on the lower area of the windshield keeping eyes and mind on the road. ​

Intuitive, Enjoyable and Safe Driving Experience

Ready Vision QVUE delivers an unprecedented experience with outstanding visual performance and unrivaled packaging. It provides the right information in the right place for minimized distraction and maximized engagement, bright illumination in all light conditions along with size and feature-set flexibility. Ready Vision QVUE concisely delivers the information most important to the driver - like mileage, speed, driving stats and alerts - on the lower portion of the windshield, allowing for easy readability without obstructing their view of the road, while also offering a large field of view for all vehicle occupants. For OEMs, QVUE offers modularity and scalability with different display sizes, from a single cluster replacement unit to full pillar-to-pillar coverage. ​

Key Features

HDR Capable Displays

  • QVUE displays deliver vivid and brilliant optics with an OLED-like performance that enables leading home entertainment display quality in the vehicle.


Alerts: Visual & Audio

  • Effortlessly integrates navigation and ADAS sensor inputs (visual & audio) for smart and timely alerts.​


QVUE Software Framework

  • Firmware design allows for cluster replacement with Functional Safety and the ability to vary content for Vehicle Data, Connectivity and Infotainment features, while the HMI toolkit enables personalization.​​

Key Differentiators

Superior Performance and Accuracy

  • Wide Field of View​
  • High Color Gamut & Low Halo Effect
  • Readability in all conditions​

Small Package Volume

  • The small package volume of <1.5L saves space where it matters most
  • Fits within the vehicle’s instrument panel
  • Allows for layout of other key IP structures (e.g., ducts, structural beams,
    steering column​

System Affordability

  • High performance advantage that is difficult for competitors to match at this price point (TFT heavy)​
  • Leveraging our buying power of critical components with automotive grade quality levels​

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