HARMAN Galvanizes the Advancement and Distribution of In-Vehicle Android Applications

The HARMAN Ignite Store Developer Portal, recently launched, will allow Android Application Developers to move to the next level in the automotive industry by providing applications useful for drivers and passengers alike.
HARMAN recently launched a Developers Portal for its HARMAN Ignite Store​, a leading connected vehicle platform for in-vehicle app stores globally. This new hub is dedicated to a unique developer community that concentrates on creating Android applications. Now, these developers will have the ability to provide in-vehicle apps to automotive drivers and passengers.

HARMAN has built its strength in the automotive industry with products such as Digital Cockpit​, ADAS, Telematics, OTA, HARMAN Ignite and more. It continues to build and strengthen mobility solutions for OEMs with the help of its accomplished engineers and developers. As the cloud continues to drive both disruption and opportunity across mobility, the HARMAN Ignite​ Store Developers Portal was built on decades of expertise across automotive ​and technology segments to accelerate the creation, deployment and consumer adoption of in-vehicle apps.

Acting as a central base for Android developers, this portal is aiding their strategies to entertain their drivers and passengers through a simple and intuitive UI. The HARMAN Ignite Store, enhances the vehicle experience by enabling access to a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based applications and services, linking the consumers inside the car to their brands of choice. 

Through this portal, Android developers have the chance to create and deploy their own apps specifically created for in-vehicle environments - which OEMs can then easily scale, manage and leverage to drive new digital revenue opportunities. Android developers will have unique access to automotive-specific toolkits, best practices and HARMAN product managers. 

Automotive OEMs will have full control over the in-vehicle deployment of the applications through the HARMAN Ignite Store. In addition to creating a superior experience for consumers with personalized content that is frequently updated, OEMs can also take advantage of digital revenue streams and keep the known costs associated with new technology pursuits to a minimum.  

Enhancing the driver experience is at the forefront for OEM’s when it comes to their brands. They will have access to a curated catalog of HARMAN approved applications that are certified which provide services that are both flexible and customizable.

Navigation Options

There are many navigation providers in the market today. The HARMAN Ignite Store has the unparalleled ability to integrate whichever connected navigation system the OEM brand managers prefer.

Automotive-grade Template Library​

Years of automotive expertise lies behind the development of HARMAN’s rich template library. It offers drivers and passengers a safe and perceptive way to interact with the apps and services available to them.

Along-side Android developers, the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal offers fantastic benefits to OEM’s, allowing its developers to provide new services and features based on vehicle data. By having access to industry knowledge, best practices, code samples, training and other essential development tools, Android App Developers are positioned for accomplishment.

“Our Developers Portal allows Android developers an easy reach to their consumers. Through rich in-vehicle experiences, OEMs have a streamlined way to drive new digital revenue and experience opportunities - and consumers can enjoy enhanced Experiences Per Mile in their vehicles through access to their favorite content.” ​

- Sripriya Raghunathan. SVP, Automotive Services SBU at HARMAN.​

This marks exciting new beginnings for our content partners as they enter the world of the HARMAN Ignite Store Developers Portal​ where App Developers and content providers will be able to take full advantage of HARMAN’s experience and industry knowledge.​


​Karen Piurkowski

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​​

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