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Welcome to HARMAN Automotive

HARMAN Automotive offers a collection of connected vehicle services and solutions for the automotive and motor vehicle industries by leveraging its uniquely blended heritage in automotive, sound and technology. These solutions were built with a diverse and strategic set of partnerships and with its understanding of consumer experience. HARMAN uses an experience-driven approach instead of focusing solely on individual technologies, so manufacturers will benefit from advanced personalization and technological synergies - while drivers will enjoy a connected experience built purposefully for their needs.
Multi Teaser Tile - Solution: ADAS


Ensure driver and passenger safety by reducing human error and striving for zero-accident mobility.
Automotive Cybersecurity

Cyber Security

Manage risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats to system integrity and safety.
Automotive Cloud

Automotive Cloud

Deploy in-car experiences that perform better than the personalization on a smartphone or other device.
Digital Cockpit

Digital Cockpit

A single platform creating the most enjoyable experience for consumers, regardless of vehicle complexity.

Over-the-Air (OTA) Solutions

Industry-leading solution for managing full vehicle software updates remotely and conveniently.

Telematics Solutions

A full line of Telematics products and solutions include commercialized 5G TCUs.
Smart Auto

Smart Auto

A wide variety of aftermarket devices that connect unconnected vehicles securely.

Introducing HARMAN ExP

HARMAN ExP— a connected technology suite that satisfies the need for hyper-individualized, enriching, in-vehicle experiences, and seamlessly integrates to support consumers’ digital lives.

HARMAN ExP is inspired by, and built around, consumers’ needs. It's not enough just to move, consumers want to be moved.​

Harman ExP- connected technology suite


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