Consumer Experiences.
Automotive Grade.

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Ready Vision QVUE

Transforming the windshield with pillar-to-pillar projection to bridge the physical and digital worlds.​

Today, a car is so much more than just a car. It’s a people mover. A cargo hauler. An entertainment center. A home on wheels. Your car is an extension of you, your personality and your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve created HARMAN Ready Products - to help improve safety, provide personalization and elevate the in-cabin experience in every way possible. In short, we’re doing more than just making products ...we’re creating experiences that provide the right elements to deliver the "Ride of Your Life."
Ride Of Your Life Ferrari Video Series
Feel the passion and the thrill of being a Scuderia Ferrari Team Partner in 7 unique episodes that tell the story of how we race toward the same mission – to be excellent! Grab the popcorn and watch now!
Ride Of Your Life Product Series
No matter who you are, where you’re driving, or whatever your driving needs may be, HARMAN Ready Products give you and your passengers “The Ride of Your Life.”​ Watch our new Product Series.
Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.

Our products are conceptualized by getting inside the minds of drivers and passengers alike to deliver the great experiences they love.  

HARMAN is driving a whole new world of possibilities through the expertise of our Automotive and Sound Engineers. It is delivering ‘ready’ products faster, while still upholding rigorous automotive standards.  

The result is new creative products at superior automotive grade.​​​​

Ready Care

HARMAN Ready Care manages in-vehicle activity by monitoring eyes, mind, and vitals to enable improved driver and occupant mobility experiences. The solution leverages sensors and machine learning to trigger personalized interventions focused on safety and wellbeing.

Ready Connect

A new era has emerged of 4G/5G telematics solutions enabling automotive OEMs to maximize product longevity, versatility and performance, while minimizing the time-to-market. Welcome to Ready Connect.

Ready Display

HARMAN Ready Display is all about delivering aspirational viewing experiences that delight consumers. With sleek and elegant designs, brilliant optics, seamless system integration, and intuitive user interface options, this solution is all set to revolutionize in-vehicle displays.


With a mix of production-ready hardware and pre-validated software, Ready Upgrade transforms the vehicle into a modern electronic device that delights consumers with ever-advancing features and services throughout the life of a vehicle, rivaling both smart homes and smartphones in delivering aspirational experiences.

Ready Vision

Designed to deliver critical information to drivers in a non-intrusive manner, Ready Vision is all about enabling distraction-free navigation. Harnessing the latest in augmented reality and audio sensor technology, it offers turn-by-turn directions, accurate and timely updates, and immersive, directional audio to speed up response times behind the wheel.

Automotive Engineering Services

Harman Automotive Engineering Services has developed automotive grade Software products and services for more than 3 decades to leading OEMs. With 5000+ engineers globally, we are completely hardware agnostic, and possess deep expertise in platform design thinking and complex integration capabilities.

Ignite Store

HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading connected vehicle platform that enables car makers (OEMs) to develop, manage and operate their own in-vehicle app store. Compliant with Android Automotive OS, HARMAN Ignite Store was recognized as Fast Company's 2020 Innovation by Design Award and has been selected by large global OEMs as their solution of choice to offer rich, in-vehicle experiences to the consumer.

Seat Sonic

Seat Sonic is a scalable Passenger-Centric audio system that delivers exceptional audio performance through the vehicle's seats. It enables compelling social and individual experiences. The SeatSonic experience can be delivered either as stand-alone product or as a core component of a holistic experience that leverages other HARMAN products, partners and brands.