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Ready Together

Automotive entertainment and connection platform bringing out the best in your trips
HARMAN Ready Together - Integrated Entertainment Management Platform

​Ready Together is an integrated entertainment and communication management solution for the automotive space.

It simplifies complex in-cabin social challenges by allowing each passenger to stay connected and interact with each other, while simultaneously enjoying their personalized media experiences.

Creating Harmony

​Whether it’s a quick trip to school or a long family road trip, today’s connected digital world has changed the way we travel together– and not necessarily for the better. Today’s family trips can quickly turn into a digital free-for-all with multiple devices, types of media and differing wants and needs for each person in the vehicle. This can lead to multiple challenges including tuned-out passengers, anxiety for the driver and passengers alike or even the possibility of distracted driving caused by the complexity of trying to manage the chaos in the car.

HARMAN recognized these challenges and got to work, and the genesis of Ready Together came from a deep understanding of consumer needs that was evaluated multiple times by consumer studies that guided the development of the product concept. User testing has driven the product definition every step of the way and the result is a product that addresses consumer-validated needs which reduces risk for automakers bringing it to market. By leveraging HARMAN’s audio, system integration, and user interface development capabilities, Ready Together simplifies the complex communication and media management needs via an amazingly capable, intuitive, and approachable user experience.​​

Entertainment, Connection and Fun

​Entertainment, connection, and fun are the pillars that Ready Together was built upon, all while ensuring the driver still maintains some control and can communicate to passengers in the vehicle when needed. The ability to keep everyone entertained separately, while still maintaining a sense of connection is what sets Ready Together apart.​

Key Highlights

Harmony & Shared Moments

  • ​Keeps all passengers entertained independently without interrupting others (Sound Zone)
  • ​Allows passengers to share audio content with each other (Shared Media)

Enhanced Communication

  • Helps everyone stay in touch by improving communication with the other passengers (Intercom, Communication Mode)
  • ​New features such as Video Chat improve communication with people out of the vehicle (coming feature)



  • ​​Preloaded customized profiles for specific trips incl. favorite music playlists, videos etc. (Profiles Management)​

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