Software Defined Vehicles – SDV Practice

Transform your SW platforms into SDV ready Architectures overcoming the limitations of legacy SW Systems
Software Defined Vehicles
Transform into digital-first innovators
HARMAN​ Automotive Engineering Services facilitate seamless vehicle/cloud software transformation with SDV architectures, leveraging hypervisors, SoA middleware, virtualization, containerization, cloud-native development and ECU SW refactoring.​

Even though hosting millions of lines of source code, most cars on the road today are "Hardware Defined Vehicles." Software functions are isolated in hundreds of single-purposed silver boxes connected by several kilometers of electrical wires. Legacy system architectures stifle innovation and incur high maintenance and reusability costs. The new SDV System Architectures consolidate all vehicle functions onto a few High-Power-Compute (HPC) nodes, rendering most silver boxes obsolete. However, this alone is insufficient.

To reduce costs and innovate on these platforms, software components must be able to be updated without updating the entire vehicle. With the elimination of electrical wires, methods are needed for software components to connect to each other safely and securely. Software components should be agnostic to a specific vehicle's hardware, including sensors and actuators, to enable reusability across various OEMs and brands. 

HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services strives to maintain impartiality towards technologies while actively supporting emerging technologies. By staying abreast of trends and disruptions, HARMAN can provide guidance to OEMs and Tier 1 customers in this complex technical landscape. 

Propositions around SDV

SDV Application Frameworks

  • Container Runtime and Overlay-FS integration and tuning

  • Service Oriented Middleware integration and tuning

  • Development and Integration of Feature on Demand deployment of distributed edge workloads

  • Container runtime orchestration

  • ​E2E Data collection frameworks


Functional Twins for Cloud-Native and Workstations

  • Architectural advisory to enable cloud native development (virtualization, etc.)

  • Setting up cloud native environments for target vehicle architecture and corresponding DevOps

  • Maintaining and running the environment for the Customer​


ECU Refactoring

  • Analysis and Refactoring of legacy ECU Architectures  for SDV integration
  • ​Integration of re-factored Assets into distributed mixed- critical execution environments.
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