Digital Cockpit Scalable Premium Solutions

Create a unique in-cabin experience

The HARMAN Premium Digital Cockpit Platform provides unique and advanced user experiences. It includes the latest innovations that offer a highly adaptive and personalized journey every time the vehicle is used. With integration to various VPAs, deep IoT systems, devices, cloud services and advanced displays, the possibilities are endless. Drivers can get back to living life and maximizing Experiences Per Mile, have more productivity throughout the day and have peace of mind with advanced safety features. 

The HARMAN Mid-Premium Digital Cockpit includes the company's latest technologies. HARMAN offers a completely new in-car experience with up to nine displays, new forms of interaction, and more personalization than ever before. The HARMAN Ignite Cloud Platform enables personalization for the driver and passenger via services such as intelligent personal assistants, portable profiles, augmented reality, and more. The Digital Cockpit supports today's connected lifestyles without compromising safety or performance. 

A safety-critical, real-time operating system is used to control the instrument cluster, while the rich infotainment and connected experience is powered either by Android or GENIVI Linux. E-mirrors comprise a front/back HD camera and display system that replace physical side and rear-view mirrors. They provide a three-way split view for key moments such as changing lanes or parking, and can even detect moving objects and sound an alarm if things get too close. The HARMAN industry-leading cybersecurity framework protects the entire system. Multiple layers of cybersecurity ensure a safe and robust infotainment system that can be continuously updated over­-the-air.

Innovative and Exciting New Features


MID Digital Cockpit
  • Digital Cluster 
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS)
  • Navigation-Centric HMI
  • AudioworX – Premium Entry Audio
  • Voice Assistant
  • 3D Surround View
  • 3D Navigation, HARMAN or GAS
  • BT and WiFi Projection Mode
  • Audio Player
  • eHorizon
  • App Store
  • Cloud Ecosystem: HARMAN Ignite


HIGH / PREMIUM Digital Cockpit
  • In addition to MID:
    • Multiple simultaneous users: Multiple connected profiles, seat specific permissions, passenger seat interfaces
    • Handwriting / Gesture Control
    • Augmented Reality Navigation
    • Incremental ADAS features (DMS & OMS, Face recognition, E-mirrors, RVDM, Transparent A-Pillar)
    • Hybrid Inference Engine: self-learning HMI, ADAS

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