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Transforming from a hardware-led past to a software-led future.
Engineering Services
Delivering high quality software solutions for Automotive OEMs
Leader in the Automotive Software Products and Services. Offering hardware-agnostic new-age software services in the areas of Software Defined Vehicle, Intelligent Cockpit, Connectivity, ADAS and Offboard Computing leveraging a proprietary IP owned by HARMAN. Partnering with OEMs for Software Performance Improvement which has substantial impact on vehicle development timelines.
Key Credentials

  • ​60+ SOP Programs

  • ​#1 3PL Google Partner 250+ HUs certified

  • #1  OTA Update Solution

  • 24+ Strong Partner Ecosystem

  • 70K+ Test Case Library

  • Cyber Advisory and Development programs for 9 OEMs

  • 5 SDV wins from 2022 in Architecture and AD

HARMAN Automotive

Engineering Services 

Engineering What's Next 

Car manufacturers are recognizing the significance of transitioning to a Software Defined Vehicle and are implementing strategic plans to achieve this goal. HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services (AES) has over three decades of experience in Automotive Grade Software Solutions with more than 35 global customers. Offering deep expertise in developing onboard and offboard software and leveraging intellectual property owned by HARMAN to speed up the development process, AES assists OEMs in delivering exceptional Intelligent cockpit, connectivity, car audio and in-cabin experiences to their customers.​

Our Services

Architecture and Advisory
The Architecture and Advisory Practice of Automotive Engineering Services assists OEMs in creating advanced domain and zonal system and software architectures for developing Software Defined Vehicles. This enables the integration of new consumer-focused business models and a broader developer ecosystem, while complying with cybersecurity, software updateability, and functional safety standards and regulations.
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HARMAN is the leading provider of Cybersecurity solutions for the Automotive Industry. Our comprehensive solutions cover every aspect of the vehicle lifecycle, from design and development to maintenance and analysis. Committed to delivering the most secure measures possible, HARMAN empowers customers to manage and safeguard their vehicle systems with confidence.
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Post Start of Production (PSOP) Maintenance
The HARMAN proven Post Start of Production (PSOP) maintenance model ensures seamless software maintenance, implementation of new features, and Over-the-Air updates during post-production. PSOP combines technical expertise with a well-defined transition methodology and rigorous root-cause analysis of critical issues.
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Software Defined Vehicles
Unlock the Power of Software Defined Vehicles with HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services (AES). With deep expertise in SDV Architectures, HARMAN AES can help OEMs redefine mobility by integrating intelligent software systems, enhancing safety, efficiency and connectivity to deliver transformative driving experiences.
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Software Integrator Services
HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services (AES) is a well-established system and software integrator in the automotive industry. With extensive experience in in-vehicle software for Intelligent cockpits and telematics across both in-vehicle and cloud platforms, AES has a highly skilled engineering team equipped with advanced integration capabilities and platform design thinking.
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Test as a Service (TaaS)
HARMAN AES offers advanced testing & certification services and specialized labs for Intelligent Cockpit, Vehicle Electronics, ADAS, Telematics, Car Audio, and other Automotive domains. Offering test automation frameworks, generic test suites, labs for HiL/Mil/Sil testing, and a toolchain to manage the Validation and Verification needs of OEMs and their ecosystem players.
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Case Studies

Software House delivering Next Generation Intelligent Cockpit for a French OEM

  • Successfully delivered Linux based Program 1 SOP in 2021 and currently in the process of delivering Android based Program 2 SOP in 2023
  • Managing multiple supplier ecosystem including Hardware, SoC and Software
  • ​Complex Nextgen Cockpit involving 2 Hardware variants (High & Mid) , 9 Brands globally, 20 Car lines


SDV architecture design and consultation for a French OEM

  • Key focus areas are Cockpit, Cluster, HMI and Camera
  • Performed gap analysis with respect to legacy architecture
  • Improved and maintaining FuSa requirement consistency

Cybersecurity Advisory Services for a Chinese OEM

  • Supported in aligning their processes, organization, and assets to R155 and ISO 21434
  • Gathered CSMS status and consulted on VTA process
  • Cybersecurity engineering and provided R155 support


Post SOP Maintenance of IVI for a North America OEM

  • SW maintenance, releases and bug fixes to cover warranty/quality issues
  • Team of cross functional experts worked on the Maintenance program
  • ​Supported multiple releases and had a highly satisfied OEM team


Remote Testing of Intelligent Cockpit System for a top Chinese OEM

  • Leveraged own proprietary Remote Testing Framework
  • Generic Instrumentation Kit to test OEM’s Intelligent Cockpit System remotely
  • ​Decouple the tester from the benches – no physical proximity needed

Connected App for a Japanese OEM

  • Helped the Indian subsidiary of a large Japanese OEM to launch connected mobile app for their vehicle owners
  • End to End development including requirements definition, UX, architecture design, technical development and ongoing support and maintenance
  • ​Common platform for 0.5 Mn+ customers

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