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Engineering Services
Transforming from a hardware-led past to a software-led future
To stay ahead of the rising demand for innovation in advanced connectivity features, automotive OEMs will have to develop new expertise in electronics and software in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and more.

Car manufacturers are recognizing the significance of transitioning to a Software Defined Vehicle and are implementing strategic plans to achieve this goal. HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services has gained rich experience in Automotive Grade Software Solutions for over three decades servicing over 35 global customers. We are perfectly positioned to collaborate with OEMs in their transformation efforts and offer our expertise in developing onboard and offboard software, using HARMAN's intellectual property to speed up the development process. With the support of AES, OEMs can deliver exceptional digital cockpit, connectivity, car audio, and in-cabin experiences to their customers.

Our Services:

  • Software Defined Vehicles
  • Software Integrator
  • Test as a Service (TaaS)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Architecture and Advisory
  • Post Start of Production (PSOP) Maintenance

Our Services

Master Software Integrator Services
Building scalable, updatable, secure platforms fueling innovation in connectivity, user experience, and autonomous vehicle development requires a strong software architecture and software development experience. HARMAN Automotive Engineering Services (AES) will bring in its unique Tier 0.5 collaboration model to deliver next generation automotive software solutions globally.
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Android Automotive Practice
HARMAN offers engineering services for Concept Development, Platform Development, Application Development, Security Updates, and Long-Term Maintenance on Android Automotive. HARMAN is one of the top 3PL (3rd Party Lab) partners with Google to provide Android Auto Projection (AAP) certification, and is also part of Open Automotive Alliance (OAA) supporting customers throughout the journey from conceptual design to end maintenance.
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Testing and Certification Services for Automotive
HARMAN offers advanced testing & certification services and specialized labs for Digital Cockpit, Vehicle Electronics, ADAS, Telematics, Car Audio, and other Automotive domains. We have developed test automation frameworks, generic test suites, labs for Hil/Mil/Sil testing and atoolchain to manage the Validation and Verification needs of OEMs and their ecosystem players.
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Sensing and Deep Learning Practice
HARMAN Engineering Services help build solutions for ADAS, Machine Learning and Deep Learning to enable OEMs to meet deadlines for current and future roadmaps of their products. HARMAN can help in accelerated ADAS algorithm development, integration on different SoC and long-term maintenance and support. HARMAN also has ADAS testing labs available to OEMs providing HiL, MiL and SiL testing with its proprietary toolchain.
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