How important will networks be for the future of social connection?

Although its widespread use is relatively recent, life before the internet seems a distant memory. In cars, network use is set to expand drastically. Integrating the vehicle into the Internet of Things will form the foundation of future mobility concepts and has the potential to deliver enormous benefits for everybody.

​“HARMAN's Conformal Antenna can already combine the functionality of 14 separate antennas in one uniform, sleek package," says Tim VanGoethem, adding: “Together with our parent company Samsung, we are working on integrating this with our 4/5G TCU within a single smart unit."

This kind of system integration will become increasingly important as digital complexity intensifies and the number of networked systems grows. For automakers, vehicle networking is an indispensable enabler of their future business models that will deliver substantial benefits to their own products and operations. For consumers, it will make travel more convenient and efficient, drastically improve road safety and provide a vastly enhanced user experience. And for the world in general, it will mean a far more efficient and effective use of resources.  ​