Transforming Drives into Journeys: New HARMAN Video Series Spotlights Ready Products

If you were to describe the ride of your life, what comes to mind? A certain make and model, its features, and how fast it goes from 0 to 60?  Or perhaps it’s not what you’re driving but who you’re with? 

The beauty of your answer is that your definition is just that – yours. It’s unique to your wants and needs for your perfect drive. It’s that magic, the ability to transform every drive into a journey, that HARMAN Automotive has captured in their new video series, The Ride of Your Life.  

From the perspective of three drivers, The Ride of Your Life explores the safety risks, distractions, and personalization preferences that impact time behind the wheel. Consumers can easily recognize themselves in drivers Layla, Matthew, and Sonya as they face everyday situations that HARMAN Ready Products can aid to elevate their in-cabin experiences. 

Undisturbed passengers with Ready On Demand

Naptime came early for Layla’s daughter who is sleeping soundly in the rear car seat. When a call comes in from her husband, Layla is prepared to keep the dozing toddler dreaming by activating the Ready On Demand feature, The Phone Zone, that she’d downloaded that morning. From her rear-view mirror, she can see her daughter, undisturbed, as the designated speakers selected for her phone call audio remain with her in the front row. As she hangs up, her display is illuminated, a familiar album cover appearing on the screen as her music resumes. She admires it, appreciating its color and clarity, its appearance vivid thanks to the Neo QLED Auto technology of her Ready Display

Cognitive co-pilot with Ready Care 

For Matthew, the car ride home with his son has had its fair share of awkward silence. He’s struggling to find the right words to say to break the tension. Just as his mind begins to trail off, he realizes that his vehicle had registered his distraction and begun taking preventative action. Thanks to Ready Care, the audio volume rose, and an audible alert began to chime, helping Matthew refocus on the road ahead. The in-cabin changes also prompt his son to look up, turning his attention to Matthew. The two use the moment to connect, talking about other features, even noting an upgrade notification that appeared on the central display. When they arrive home, Matthew schedules the upgrade on the touchscreen, made possible by the hardware and software platform, Ready Upgrade {HARMAN Ready Upgrade}.  

Intuitive, real-time navigation with Ready Vision {HARMAN Ready Vision}

A weekend away was just what Sonya needed. The weather had been perfect, the company even better, and the drive back had been met with minimal traffic. To top things off, a new album by her favorite artist just dropped and the dance moves from her passengers assure her they’re as excited for the new record as she is. Sonya is following the intuitive navigation of her Ready Vision Head-Up Display, guided by the AR-enhanced carpet. Shocked at how great of time they’re making, Sonya realizes she’s in the wrong lane, she’s got a turn coming up soon. Activating her turn signal, she heads toward the right lane. Suddenly, a warning appears - she’d forgotten to check her blind spot and a car is at her rear passenger’s door. Correcting quickly, she maneuvers back into her lane. After a sigh of relief, she took a moment to appreciate the real-time alert from Ready Vision that kept her and her passengers safe.

With vehicles becoming the next living space, the people, tasks, and interruptions that distract us in our everyday lives are now risks in the cabin. Wherever the road leads, HARMAN Ready Products are designed to complement any journey to keep drivers and passengers safer and more connected. Explore the transformative power of HARMAN and how we’re helping drivers experience the ride of their lives in our new video series here​

​​​Karen Piurkowski​

Karen Piurkowski​

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​

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