Harnessing V2X capabilities and ultra-low latency applications, Savari MECWAVE is a multi-access edge computing software platform enabling automakers, network operators, and government agencies to deploy next-gen features and reimagine connectivity.
HARMAN Savari MECWAVE – V2X Applications on the Edge
Augmenting Vehicle-to-Everything Communication

HARMAN Savari MECWAVE is an innovative, edge-based software application platform that leverages cellular networks to enable a variety of real-time shared services and applications that enhance safety, mobility & infotainment experiences. ​

The applications can be deployed on a number of connected devices such as TCUs, automotive aftermarket devices, smartphones, wearables, etc.

Harnessing V2X to Rethink Mobility and Connectivity

Today, automotive consumers demand much more from their vehicles than just mobility. However, only 50% of vehicles are capable of providing next-gen driving experiences that meet evolving expectations. Additionally, consumer applications and experiences are not offered or supported across multiple end devices (smartphones, dongles, TCU, head units, and more).

The automotive space is currently focused on future-proofing vehicles, providing Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and equipping cars with newer applications. Network operators are looking to leverage MEC and 5G to provide near real-time in-car experiences to consumers. And government/regulatory agencies are aiming to connect pedestrians and non-motorized road users to vehicles using smartphones and wearable devices.

That’s the vision being brought to life by HARMAN Savari MECWAVE - a multi-access edge compute software platform, comprised of three core components that deliver optimized, real-time services to the end user:

  • Application Engine & Services on MECWAVE Server

  • User Applications (running on MECWAVE)

  • MECWAVE Client SDK for Client Devices

The result? Exciting new possibilities for safety, mobility, dynamic tolling, and infotainment use cases, using in-vehicle, roadside, and third-party data.

Here’s a sneak peek on how HARMAN Savari MECWAVE is redefining connectivity: 

  • Situational awareness

    • ​Provides location-based alerts to vehicles and vulnerable road users

    • Predicts collisions in near-real-time with ability to track multiple vehicles simultaneously

    • Day 1 V2X Safety & Mobility applications such as, IMA, RLVW, GLOSA, etc.

  • Collision course awareness

    • ​Leverages existing smartphones & wearable platforms to improve safety

    • Leverages standards compliant V2X messages

    • Extensible to large public areas / cities, DOTs with VRU safety focus

  • Extended awareness

    • ​Ensures safe working area between cranes, shuttles, and port workers

    • Leverages private 5G network with MEC to provide safety alerts for users over Uu

    • Leverages existing smartphone & wearable platforms to improve safety​​​

  • Hyper scaler and MNO agnostic

  • Proven in-vehicle applications adapted to run at scale and on edge infrastructure

  • Connecting V2X and non-V2X enabled road users and infrastructure

  • Containerized workloads enabling easy deployments and modularity

  • Built-in support for infrastructure feeds such as traffic light information

  • Real-time message exchange with support for multiple standards such as NTCIP, SAE J2735, IEEE1609.x

  • Services include:

    • ​Traffic Light Information

    • Sensor Sharing

    • Service Discovery

    • Virtual Roadside Unit

    • Collision Core

    • Device Management

    • V2X Applications Server

    • ML Inferences​


MECWAVE MEC-based Software

  • ​MEC-based Software Platform + Applications including Virtual RSUs (Infra), Virtual RSUs (Infra),OEM Apps and VRUs Third-party integration

  • Access-technology agnostic

  • Hyperscaler agnostic​


MECWAVE Applications

  • Delivered as a subscription service to the customer

  • Proof of concepts demonstrate V2X (Day 1) & Sensor Sharing (Day 2)

  • Similar performance on short-range vs. V2N

  • Futuristic capabilities: video processing,  AI / ML

  • Framework allows future applications to be added incrementally

  • ​​Applications can largely run on personal cellular devices



  • ​Remote management and configuration

  • Virtual Infrastructure Configuration and Management

  • Analytics dashboard

  • Multi-tenancy

  • ​Additional Features including Live traffic signals, Vehicle Sensor Feed



  • ​Vehicle and VRU simulation

  • Infrastructure feed simulation

  • Testing & Demo Applications

  • ​Extensible​


MECWAVE Client Connectivity App

  • Secure connectivity to MECWAVE

  • Optimized for resource-constrained devices, low footprint needs

  • Pluggable for external HMI

  • Extensible

  • ​Multiple target platforms & devices (Android, Linux, TCU, Dashcam, Smartphones)​​

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