Multi-access edge computing (MEC) software platform

​Connecting Vehicles to Everything

​HARMAN Savari MECWAVE is a multi-edge computing software platform enabling automakers and mobile network operators to deliver ultra-low latency applications and services to the vehicle.

Edge Computing Solution

HARMAN Savari MECWAVE provides out-of-the-box, end-to-end applications and services to enable use cases for Vehicle-to-Vehicle & Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (VRU) safety, mobility, dynamic tolling and infotainment. MECWAVE uses a variety of in-vehicle (V2X), roadside units (traffic controllers and other road sensors) and third-party data (weather) to support these use cases.

The MECWAVE comprises of various application and service blocks ranging from Collision Core, which uses V2X data to predict and warn road users of potential collisions, to Virtual RSU (vRSU), which provides road and infrastructure data to AI/ML to provide predictive analytics. In terms of applications, use cases such as See-Through, Intersection Movement Assist, Emergency Electronic Brake Light (EEBL) and Traffic Light Information can be deployed on MECWAVE. The services and application engine of MECWAVE can also enable third-party developers to deploy additional applications in the future.​
Key Features

  • Proven in-vehicle applications adapted to run at scale and on an edge infrastructure​​


  • Connecting V2X and non-V2X enabled road users and infrastructure​

  • ​Containerized workloads enabling easy deployments and modularity

  • ​​Built-in support for infrastructure feeds such as traffic light information

  • ​​Hyperscaler and MNO agnostic platform


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