In-vehicle app store

HARMAN Ignite Store

Flexibility to scale, optimized for automotive
HARMAN Ignite Store
White Label App Store Built on AAOS

The HARMAN Ignite Store is extending consumers’ digital lives to the car. OEMs control the platform’s branding and govern the distribution and availability of apps and services. The Ignite Store is a safe, secure and compliant platform that unlocks monetization opportunities for OEMs and developers and provides consumers unique in-vehicle digital experiences.​

​With HARMAN Ignite Store, OEMs can realize lucrative digital revenue via new business models and revenue streams while creating a stand-out driver experience for their customers. HARMAN Ignite Store is a leading connected vehicle platform in the market, bringing the benefits of connected life into the vehicle. Consumers can connect with their favorite brands in the car, through an intuitive, safe and secure interface.​

Sample of Apps in HARMAN Ignite Store

Hosted on the Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS), developers can publish content once and then deploy apps across the automotive ecosystem to make it even easier to keep drivers and passengers connected to the content they crave. HARMAN provides automotive testing and validation, resource libraries and coding support through the HARMAN Ignite Store developer portal.​

Key Features

A Growing, Diverse App Catalog

  • ​OEMs have access to a curated list of safe and secure apps to enrich the driving experience. The platform’s rich customization capabilities and flexible business models allow OEMs to manage data, apps, and services to unlock new revenue opportunities.​


Rich Template Library

  • The HARMAN template library allows for greater flexibility and customization to OEMs and accelerated, intuitive building for developers to speed-up time to market.


OEM Managed Platform

  • Unlike other platforms, vehicle manufacturers have full control over the look and feel of connected car platforms and can manage the data to help capitalize on new opportunities.​


AAOS Compliance

  • Android Automotive Operating System (AAOS) adoption is growing rapidly, and the system’s clear guidelines are aiding developers to publish content that is intuitive and safe for in-vehicle use. The HARMAN Ignite Store is fully AAOS compliant, and apps developed for the platform can be ported to any other AAOS compliant platform to maximize developer ROI. ​


Integrated Payments

  • Supports a variety of payment use cases like one-time app purchases, subscriptions and services by integrating with OEM payment platforms for a seamless user experience.​


Mix & Match Capability with Customer-centric Support

  • ​​The HARMAN Ignite Store is infrastructure-agnostic and supports multiple deployment models. In addition, HARMAN provides a suite of ready-made components and solutions for HARMAN Ignite Store.​ ​

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