How has in-vehicle navigation evolved to satisfy consumer needs?

Improving the in-vehicle navigation experience
How has in-vehicle navigation evolved to satisfy consumer needs?
In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Paul Hohos, Vice President of Automotive Sales and Managing Director for Americas at TomTom. During the discussion, Paul describes how personalization is being added to vehicle navigation to improve user experience, and much more.
Paul Hohos

​Key Takeaways

[1:42] Paul explains what Experiences Per Mile means to him

[2:30] Why TomTom became involved in the EPM movement

[2:58] Why TomTom is focused on creating positive in-vehicle experiences for customers

[3:34] Consumer perception of embedded in-vehicle navigation

[6:27] How navigation has changed recently and how TomTom has contributed to this change

[7:26] What it will take for consumers to leave phone navigation behind

[8:40] What can be done with vehicle navigation to reduce barriers to entry for electric vehicles (EVs)

[11:05] Other ways TomTom is improving the in-vehicle experience for drivers

[12:09] Opportunities to partner with other organizations to deliver more differentiated services for consumers

[13:58] Paul's vision for the future of vehicle navigation

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"Our vision of a cleaner, safer, congestion-free world drives our products and our actions on a day-to-day basis. We think the end result will be a positive experience for consumers." -Paul Hohos, TomTom #ExperiencesPerMile

As cars become more connected, embedded navigation solutions are transitioning to a hybrid model, where you're first online and then fall back on embedded when you lose connection. #ExperiencesPerMile #navigation

Historical data collected by TomTom can be shared with automakers and used to reduce range anxiety for EV owners. #EVEPM #ExperiencesPerMile #experience #EV #electricvehicles​

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