In-cabin Experience

Ready Upgrade

With a focus on ever-advancing features and services delivered throughout the life of a vehicle, Ready Upgrade brings aspirational mobility experiences to life to meet the expectations of modern consumers.
HARMAN Ready Upgrade
Advancing the Mobility Experience

Ready Upgrade transforms the vehicle into a modern electronic device that delights consumers with ever advancing features and services throughout the life of the vehicle, rivaling both smart homes and smart phones in delivering aspirational experiences to the modern consumer. ​

Reimagining the Vehicle as a Modern Electronic Device

The automotive space is changing fast, and traditional development can’t keep pace with market expectations of connected vehicles that are smarter than the latest smartphones.

HARMAN Ready Upgrade is designed to help OEMs overcome the challenges of long development cycles and skyrocketing costs with a ready-to-deploy solution that reimagines the vehicle as a modern electronic device. It’s the perfect combination of production-ready hardware and pre-validated software to enable rapid development and launch, along with seamless upgradeability and adaptation, all at significantly lower costs.

​Faster Speed to Market

Unlocks differentiated in-vehicle experiences within 6 months of kick-off.

Lower Lifetime Cost

Offers production-ready hardware and pre-validated software, enabling resource optimization and lower lifetime cost.

Maximize Differentiation

Drives easy resource reallocation with tools to adapt to HMI and vehicle networks.

Full System Upgradeability

Meets consumer expectations with ever-advancing features and services, along with an extensive ecosystem of compatible hardware and software.​

HARMAN Ready Upgrade - Representation

Ready Upgrade
Key Features

Production Ready Domain Controllers

  • Pre-certified Domain Controllers that deliver features & I/O 

  • Three variants to meet market needs​


HW Upgradeability

  • Standardized interface between ECU and vehicle
  • Forward and backward upgradeability between generations and variants of the complete module


New Hardware Version Availability

  • New generation solution available every 18-24 months 

  • Meets the demands of new vehicle production and in​-field OTA updates​​


HW Scalability

  • Family of pre-certified Compute SIP and BT/WiFi modules

  • Improves scalability and gives OEMs more options


Modular SW Stack

  • Core software that powers the Cockpit Domain Controller electronics

  • Software frameworks that enable feature functionality along with the interfaces needed for application development

  • ​Reference applications that OEMs can modify based on their HMI


Design and Development Tools

  • Design and development tools to align HMI to brand

  • Accelerated development with easy vehicle integration ​

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