How can we improve accessibility to EVs while maximizing Experience Per Mile?

Riley Winton, User Experience Concept Manager at HARMAN
In this episode, host Karen Piurkowski welcomes Riley Winton, User Experience Concept Manager at HARMAN. Riley is on the EPIC Experience Team, which is focused on transforming the in-car user experience by leveraging technologies across the HARMAN Automotive group. Riley discusses the growing demand for electric vehicles and why a compromise-free electric vehicle (EV) experience is important. He also discusses why winning two recent industry awards—2021 IOT Breakthrough Award for “Connected Car Innovation of the Year,” and the Popular Science “Best of What's New” Award—are significant.

Key Takeaways

[02:50] Reasons why electric vehicle sales are rising

[04:40] The inspiration behind the HARMAN ExP EV Plus+ solution

[07:00] How electric vehicles can be made more accessible 

[09:02] Why having lighter weight vehicle sound systems is beneficial for EVs

[10:57] Consumer benefits delivered by the EV Plus+ solution 

[14:42] Specific technologies that enable exceptional in-vehicle experiences for EVs

[17:02] How consumer insights drive the development of HARMAN ExP solutions

[18:55] Riley shares his predictions of how the automotive industry will change as a result of widespread EV adoption​​​


Government incentives, growing infrastructure and compromise-free technology are making it easier for consumers to cross the chasm into the EV world. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #electricvehicles #EV #connectedcar #infrastructure

"Having the ability to pick and choose the features of the technologies you want without being confined to vehicle trim levels is a big problem for end users these days. That's something we aim to solve by giving people control and choice." #HARMANConnectsMe #electricvehicles #EV

The HARMAN ExP EV Plus+ is a solution that gives you the same, if not better, listening performance as previous audio solutions but with 50% less system mass. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #electricvehicles #EV #connectedcar
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