Over-the-Air (OTA) Solutions

Industry-leading solutions for managing full-vehicle software and keeping it up-to-date
Over-the-Air (OTA)
According to the GSMA, all new cars will be connected by 2025 and will have a growing number of in-vehicle systems that are dependent on software. On average, there are more than 100 Electronic Control Units (ECU) and each vehicle has more than 100 million lines of code. Additionally, there is an inherent complexity in the automotive supply chain, with lack of visibility to third-party source code, software bugs, and vulnerabilities. HARMAN OTA is the industry-leading solution for managing full-vehicle software and keeping it up-to-date.

OTA Solutions

HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers
HARMAN OTA enables automakers and Tier-1 suppliers to adapt to an evolving market landscape by securely managing all in-vehicle software components, including firmware, applications, configurations, settings, and maps.
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HARMAN Smart Delta for Maps (OTA)
At the core of the HARMAN OTA Solution is the HARMAN Smart Delta Product. The product offers an innovative approach to performing software updates that improves user experience, cuts costs significantly and reduces the overall time to update devices while ensuring 100% reliability. A pure software-based solution, HARMAN Smart Delta product has the smallest footprint in the industry based on a proven and patented technology. Shipped in more than two billion devices, HARMAN Smart Delta product is the market-leading solution for updating binaries over-the-air.
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HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Insights
Performing remote software updates and vehicle configuration settings on a large vehicle fleet introduces new challenges such as monitoring the progress of the software update(s), identifying process problems and evaluating software adoption rates. HARMAN OTA Solution is addressing this need by providing detailed real-time reporting and analysis on the progress of each OTA software update campaign, network performance and adoption rates of each software update on a per-vehicle level basis and more.
HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Agricultural Vehicle Manufacturers
The agriculture sector is undergoing a major transformation driven by new technologies, which enable farmers to increase both productivity and profitability. Precision agriculture, which includes the fusion of three key technologies – computer mapping, guidance, and variable-rate equipment – is currently being augmented with an increase in farm-knowledge systems and data.
Software Vulnerability Management
The Software Vulnerability Management solution allows the automated triggering of scanning of binaries for cybersecurity vulnerabilities, provides a cybersecurity “risk score” to binaries under HARMAN OTA solution management and supports campaign initiation decisions.
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HARMAN Over-the-Air (OTA) Software Updates for Truck and Bus Vehicle Manufacturers
Introducing a proven OTA software update mechanism and supporting in-vehicle architecture that enables innovative truck and bus manufacturers to better serve their customers. A solution that remotely updates their fleets on the road with virtually zero downtime, resulting in improved productivity and minimal maintenance-related costs.
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