Top Reasons to Choose HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience

At HARMAN, we’re no stranger to change. Whether it’s brought on by mobility advancements or consumer needs, we’re positioned to evolve, ensuring we deliver the most relevant and cutting-edge connected solutions to the market.

Earlier this year, we announced HARMAN EXPLORE, an immersive virtual showcase of our solutions. This brand-new platform allows registrants to keep tabs on various HARMAN events and download specific content related to what is showcased—on the spot. Bringing these insights into your organization is an excellent opportunity to expand and improve your business. Here is why you need to register for the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience​.

Access exclusive events all year round.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many events cannot be held in person. With the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experiece, you can attend events virtually from the comfort of your own home, making it more accessible to those interested in what’s on the horizon at HARMAN and how it’s changing mobility as we know it. No more stumbling through a stuffy convention center just to wait in line to view a demo. In the year ahead, we’ll be loading more and more valuable technology demonstrations and experiential events exclusively to the platform so HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience users can access the information before anyone else.

Learn new information from industry insiders.

One of the main benefits of in-person events is being able to speak directly to a representative about topics that interest you. With the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience, we can maintain that interaction. You’ll receive the latest information from HARMAN experts and can request meetings with our insiders. After filling out a form, we’ll connect you with the right person, so your conversation is set up for success. You can even request direct demos via the Contact Us page. 

The best automotive content is a click away.

The HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience is the place to catch up on the latest automotive insights. From fact sheets and whitepapers to webinars and podcasts—the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience includes data about telematics, car audio, and so much more. It’s all organized by solution area, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for and to share it with colleagues (that is of course if they are registered too).

See HARMAN’s newest innovations before anyone else.

HARMAN is known for its innovative technology and dedication to delivering the best experiences for automakers and end-users alike. With the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience, you’ll be able to see HARMAN’s latest innovations before anyone else—all from home. For example, in January we introduced three new HARMAN ExP solutions and those registered to the HARMAN EXPLORE Virtual Automotive Experience saw how these solutions are addressing current industry needs and providing an overall better in-vehicle experience for consumers first.

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Do more than drive, start living
HARMAN ExP is a suite of technologies and services that have been woven together to create a rich, immersive experience. Ultimately, HARMAN ExP creates moments of magic for drivers and riders. It’s those moments when you forget about the technology and lose yourself in the experience.

​Karen Piurkowski

Senior Director, Global Content & Digital Marketing at HARMAN International​​

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