Driven by Experience

The Changing Landscape

​We're fundamentally redefining the role of the vehicle in the 21st century and the value we place on it.

With the arrival of the connected car, autonomous driving, shared mobility, and electrification, new opportunities are emerging in a new era of innovation. In this new era, there is increasing pressure to shift value inside the car, towards software and technology. 

Consumer demand impacts OEMs, so to respond, we must develop new ways of speaking about mobility and a new way of viewing ourselves as innovators.​

Driven by Experience

​HARMAN ExP is defining the future of mobility. Transforming how our customers and drivers interact, think and the value they place on the car. It's a move from delivering RPM's to innovating rich mobility experiences that transform the time in-between.

HARMAN ExP means innovating, operating and selling with experiences at the forefront. With our connected technology suite, we are delivering human-centric mobility experiences that foster connections, allow the driver to do more, or less, and stay safer doing it. Ultimately, delivering experiences that make time in the car into time well spent.

At HARMAN ExP, we are driven by the potential of experiences.​

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Consumer Benefits

Consumer Benefit: Well-Being
The well-being consumer benefit includes packaged solutions supporting the mood, physical health and safety of the driver and its passengers.
Consumer Benefit: Social Connection
Being socially connected is highly important for consumers today whether they are outside or inside their vehicle. Communications solutions and do-good impact are covered in this consumer benefit.
Consumer Benefit: Accomplishment
The Accomplishment consumer benefits includes enhanced efficiency and optimized capabilities while traveling on any journey.
Consumer Benefit: Enjoyment
The Enjoyment consumer benefit includes solutions that support any aspect of entertainment in the vehicle along and tools for discovery.

Experience HARMAN ExP

Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council

The Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council was formed to encourage collaboration among an exclusive group of automotive executives, analysts and industry insiders. The purpose of the Advisory Council is to uncover best practices and foster cross-industry innovation to define and improve the in-vehicle experience for consumers.
Experiences Per Mile Advisory Council

Experiences Per Mile Podcast

The Experiences Per Mile podcast is a program for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, where we explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them. During each episode, we feature different thought leaders in the automotive industry and explore various trends around the experiences inside the vehicle.
EPM Podcast