Do more than drive, start living

Our consumer insights reveal that there is an unmet Experiences Per Mile need for a “third living space.” These are our EXP concepts to address that need.
Create richer experiences with HARMAN ExP concepts

We believe the car should be more than just a way to transport you. It should add to your life by giving you bonding time with your family, productive time to work, relaxing time to escape, enjoyment, and more. ​

 HARMAN ExP concepts creates moments of magic for drivers and riders. It’s those moments when you forget about the technology and lose yourself in the experience.

Bringing Technology to Life

Our design process puts consumer understanding – from the car to the living room and beyond – at the core of everything we do. On the surface, you see many pain points in the car: 

  • Parking, traffic, and accidents
  • Loss of connectivity to the phone
  • Not being able to interact with car tech the way they do their phone or smart home devices

But to see the full story, we have to dig deeper. We look to understand drivers and riders across these three dimensions: Who they are, what they care about and How the car can satisfies those desires.

Based on our human, cultural, and industry insights, we identify the Experiences Per Mile (EPM) drivers and riders are looking for to satisfy their deeper needs and desires. We then bring those EPMs to life with HARMAN ExP concepts.​

HARMAN ExP Opportunities

Creator Studio
Creator Studio brings all the power of a pro-recording studio right inside the vehicle for the ultimate user-friendly video setup.
Drive-Live Concert
The HARMAN ExP Drive-Live Concert is a new experience-centric concept delivering personalized and interactive live concert experiences directly into the vehicle.
Gaming Intense Max
Now, when your car isn’t taking you to places in the real world, you can use it to travel to far-away galaxies and have adventures you only dreamed of, all while connecting online to share the experience with friends and family.

Awards and Recognitions

German Innovation Awards

The German Innovation Awards​, presented by The German Design Council, distinguish forward-thinking companies that develop user-centric product innovations that are shaping the future.​

2021 IoT Breakthrough Award

​The IoT Breakthrough Awards​ honor excellence and recognize the creativity, hard work and success of IoT companies, technologies and products. The HARMAN ExP EV Plus+ solution was selected as the winner of the “Connected Car Innovation of the Year” award in the 5th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program in 2021. EV Plus+ proves it’s possible to deliver rich, meaningful experiences while complying with global environmental standards, including REACH, GADSL, IMDS, RoHS, TSCA, and WEEE.​

2020 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award

​The Popular Science Best of What's New award​ recognizes the 100 most incredible and innovative technologies and products from the past year.

2020 Popular Science Best of What’s New Award
Experiences Per Mile Podcast
The Experiences Per Mile podcast is a program for automotive technology professionals and enthusiasts, where we explore consumer-centric mobility experiences and discuss the technologies driving them. During each episode, we feature different thought leaders in the automotive industry and explore various trends around the experiences inside the vehicle.
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