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Ready Vision AR HUD

Best-in-class package size, highest precision and most intuitive augmented reality solution.
Ready Vision AR HUD
Promoting Calm & Dispelling Anxiety

Current head-up display (HUD) technologies are overly complicated to consumers, giving them cluttered interfaces that miss the mark delivering the information and the multi-modal feedback they need. Ready Vision is bridging the gap with the best package, highest precision  and most intuitive augmented reality solution to empower drivers with the right information at the right time in the right way.​

A Clear Vision of Safer Consumer Experiences

With the augmented reality HUD market expected to grow as advanced safety features expand, OEMs need new solutions that don’t compromise on package volume, cost and power efficiency – especially considering electric vehicle programs.


Ready Vision interfaces, coupled with visual and audio sensors and directional audio integrations, can reduce driver distraction and manage mental overload, promoting calm and dispelling anxiety. For OEMs, these safer consumer experiences can still look and feel like unique, branded interactions through the Ready Vision HMI toolkit.​

Unique Benefits

  • AR HUD hardware has best-in-class package size
  • AR software precision and flexibility delivers optimized performance

  • ​​Audio & visual sensors provide multi-modal feedback for safer driving experiences

Key Differentiators

Wedgeless Windshield

  • ​Optimized virtual image distance design enables ghost image to be eliminated without use of wedge film (cost savings - $80/unit).

Large Field of View

  • ​Displays threats and helps drivers find safer route alternatives to reduce stress.

Small Package Size

  • Optimized PGU and optical path with Samsung Light Recycling Film for high brightness allows for smaller package size for any given FOV.


Right Image, Right Time

  • ​Easily viewed graphics in all conditions, day or night. Lower latency rendering improves image accuracy.

Directional Audio

  • ​​Effective and intuitive prompt for nearby objects, hazards, and emergency alerts with exclusive HARMAN directional audio.

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HARMAN Ready Vision transforms driving into a more intuitive, enjoyable and safe experience by bridging the physical and digital worlds on the driver’s windshield.
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