How does the new WP.29 regulation impact both OEMs and consumers in European markets?

Understanding WP.29
WP.29 regulation impact on OEMs and end users
This episode features Marcin Biedron, OTA Product Manager at HARMAN. Marcin explains the new WP.29 regulation for Software Updates and Vehicle Cybersecurity from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), its impact on the automotive industry as well as consumers, and how HARMAN is helping vehicle manufacturers be compliant.
Key Takeaways:

[1:25] Marcin explains what WP.29 is

[3:06] Why the WP.29 regulation was created

[4:40] The geographies impacted by WP.29

[5:05] How the regulation is affecting automakers 

[6:10] Consequences of noncompliance 

[6:57] How automakers can ensure compliance 

[7:37] Timing for when WP.29 goes into effect

[8:23] How WP.29 impacts drivers

[9:27] Products and services HARMAN offer to support WP.29

[10:45] How WP.29 is going to change the automotive industry in the future


“WP.29 allows the market to introduce innovative vehicle technologies, while continuously improving global vehicle safety.” -Marcin Biedron, HARMAN. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #automotive #regulations

WP.29 will be applied in over 50 countries, affecting major automotive manufacturing hubs and markets such as the US, Germany, Japan, France, UK, Italy, and more. Hear more about this new regulation on the EPM podcast. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #automotive #manufacturing

Automakers must gain a deep understanding of the gaps between current and new regulatory requirements for risk identification and management processes. Hear more in the new episode of Experiences Per Mile. #HARMANConnectsMe #EPM #podcast #automotive #manufacturing #regulations

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