Making Our Vision a Reality: Upgrading and Empowering our Organization to turn Vision into Actions

The transformation currently underway in the Automotive industry is fascinating. Megatrends like Electrification, Smart Mobility, Software-defined vehicles, Personalization, and much more are turning the traditional ways of experiencing and engaging with cars inside out.

In this new realm, new vehicle buyers are choosing their next ride based less on engine power and features built into the car, and more because of the experiences available to them while commuting, road tripping, transporting kids and more.  Each desired experience can vary significantly by consumer, trip type, and many other factors.

There is an incredible opportunity to bring Consumer Electronics-level connectivity, content and features into the car in the form of experiences that can drive brand differentiation, loyalty, and engagement in new ways. And the challenge is to do so at a Consumer Electronics speed and cadence, which is much faster than ever before.

At HARMAN Automotive, we call this: Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade. It means we design and deliver ‘Ready Products' faster, while still upholding rigorous automotive standards. It’s a new way of thinking that requires a specific operating mindset and structure to succeed. 

We have always prided ourselves in delivering automotive products and services at the cutting edge.  That’s one of the main reasons that I personally came to HARMAN Automotive.  I could see the excitement of the Engineers working collectively in teams to develop new products to enhance in-cabin experiences. I wanted to be part of that vision.​

We have upgraded our product portfolio significantly, as many of you were able to see this year at the HARMAN EXPLORE International and Regional events. Our new 'Ready Products' started launching in January 2023, and since then our OEM customers were highly interested and continue to seek information about them.

Not only have we developed new products, but we have also changed the way we work - empowering our teams with ownership, purpose and focus to cultivate a culture of quality and innovation.  This is fueled by a connection to the work, to our customers and to each other.  

Recently, HARMAN Automotive introduced employees to a group of organizational upgrades, which are changes in our structure, our processes, and our mindset – designed to sustain our long-term success. They will propel our growth, foster innovation, and set us up as valued technology partners to our customers. 

This exciting transformation is a catalyst, upgrading the technology offerings and innovation capabilities of HARMAN Automotive while forming a culture of ownership and collaboration, as well as presenting new career opportunities for employees and job seekers. For customers and partners, the same quality work will be provided and the continuity of business during these changes will be unwavering.​​

“To be successful with our product business in delivering Consumer Experiences at Automotive Grade, we needed to introduce a product mindset, creating teams that are dedicated to, and empowered to own the business. This is part of the upgrade we are experiencing today,” said Armin Prommersberger, SVP of Product Management.​

With a need to develop cool products like what was shown at HARMAN EXPLORE, we also will have to ensure we bring in the new and upgraded skillsets to drive this product mindset.  We are actively hiring today, looking for the best and brightest engineers, product developers, product managers and more to join our team.  If you are in pursuit of a position that involves ownership and passion, please check our career page, and apply now.

This is all part of an important strategic initiative that was purposefully designed by Harman employees for Harman employees, and will benefit employees, customers, and partners alike. The change involves reducing the complexity and providing clarity and purpose to teams and individual roles. 

HARMAN Automotive is not waiting for the future to happen – it’s on the path to creating it.  Our company and all employees look forward to the full implementation of the upgrades on July 1st of this year, although many changes are already being implemented today.  As always, HARMAN Automotive employees play an integral role in delivering “Consumer Experiences. Automotive Grade.” For more information on our Ready Products click here​, or for more information on our work culture, contact a HARMAN employee today.​

Shilpa Dely

​Shilpa Dely​

Vice President - Portfolio & Product Management​​ at HARMAN International​​

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