Ready Care

Combining intelligent machine learning algorithms and select in-vehicle sensors that detect eyes and mind on the road and proposing a customized and personalized in-cabin response to mitigate safety risks and increase wellbeing.
HARMAN Ready Care - A Saftey and Wellbeing-Focused Vehicle Experience
Ready Care is a solution that enhances the safety and comfort of drivers and passengers. 

It detects and measures driver distraction and drowsiness and provides personalized in-cabin experiences to keep eyes and mind on the road, and reduce stress in the vehicle. ​

Protective, Intelligent, Wellbeing

The digital health and wellbeing sectors are growing rapidly, and consumers are expressing a desire to integrate and experience additional safety, health and wellbeing solutions into their vehicles. The automotive industry, however, has been slow in its response to integrate these emerging technologies into their product offerings. 

HARMAN Ready Care technology combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and selected in-vehicle sensors to detect a driver’s personal state and propose a customized and personalized in-cabin response to mitigate safety risks and wellbeing. When the drowsiness feature was tested, 70% of people said it helped them to feel safe in the vehicle. 

Real-time situational awareness via measurement of the driver’s cognitive load is used to provide early detection of any driver impairment and optimizes response to driver ADAS warnings. 

Stress-Free Driving Experience

Have you ever turned on your navigation system to get your through an unfamiliar area or an area with heavy construction, only to be led through a complex maze of roads that is more stressful than sitting through the traffic? 34% of people want to use the time in their car to de-stress, but it currently does the opposite. 

Stress-Free Routing from Ready Care provides an alternative route to the typical Fastest / Shortest / Avoid-Toll-Roads options. This personalized navigation output guides drivers through a low-stress route that eliminates road interferences that cause stress-responses in the driver.

Key Features

Cognitive Distraction

  • Ability to measure real-time visual and mental driver cognitive loads
  • Solution enables extended driver awareness detection capability to help reduce heightened states of driver distraction
  • Cognitive load detection utilizes sensors in conjunction with artificial intelligence and machine learning software algorithms based on neuroscience
  • Combines cognitive load with traditional distraction measurements for higher accuracy
  • Automatic display of message menus to inform/alert driver of current state​​

Driver Drowsiness

  • Ability to measure, classify and mitigate various states of driver drowsiness
  • Solution can initiate multiple and simultaneous in-cabin vehicle responses for a customized and personalized intervention
  • Responses influence HVAC settings, audio settings, vehicle lighting and more
  • Open platform can easily accommodate new and extended features and functions from Harman and third-party suppliers
  • Fully functional and compatible withGentherm ClimateSense Solution

Stress-Free Routing

  • Stress-Free Routing is calculated using static model for road-relevant attributes and dynamic model for real-time stress factors like traffic jams or weather
  • Personal model adapting the parameters to your stress reaction during driving
  • Innovative Stress Model analysis of the route characteristics based on neuroscience data
  • Crowd data collection to generate Stress Heat Maps based on fleet input
  • Compatible with many “white label” navigation engines
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