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Ready Care

Harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology to improve safety and wellbeing on the move with personalized in-vehicle interventions.
HARMAN Ready Care - In-vehicle Safety and Wellbeing
Increasing Automotive Safety

HARMAN Ready Care technology combines intelligent machine learning algorithms and selected in-vehicle sensors to detect a driver’s personal state and propose a customized in-cabin response to mitigate safety risks and increase wellbeing.​​​

Protective, Intelligent, Wellbeing

When it comes to driver safety and wellbeing, consumers expect nothing but the best. However, no two drivers or journeys are alike. And that’s why solutions must be flexible enough to adjust to individual consumer preferences while still being safe and effective. 

That’s what HARMAN Ready Care is all about. 

Combining machine learning algorithms and sensors, this intelligent solution can detect drowsiness and distractedness behind the wheel and trigger personalized in-cabin interventions to redefine safety on the go.  

With its vital sensing capabilities, Ready Care can help the driver maintain focus on the road, support Child Presence Detection (CPD) and meet New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) and General Safety Regulation (GSR) regulatory guidelines.

Ready Care Sensor Set

Ready Care Sensor Set
Key Features

Driver Distraction

  • ​Driver-facing infrared camera
  • Personalized in-cabin intervention response strategy
  • Eyelid, blinking and head position analysis
  • Eye gaze zone detection
  • Visual and mental (cognitive) load detection​​

Driver Drowsiness

  • Early and robust, sensor-based detection of driver drowsiness
  • Personalized in-cabin intervention response strategy​
  • Compliant with current NCAP / GSR guidelines​

Child Presence Detection (CPD)

  • 60 GHz radar-based sensor​ for contactless measurement to support CPD
  • Compliant with future NCAP / GSR requirements​​


Vital Sensing

  • Use of 24 GHz radar-based sensors for contactless measurement of driver vitals like heart rate, inter-beat intervals, and breathing rate​

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