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Ready Connect

Boosting the Bar in 5G Connected Mobility
HARMAN Ready Connect
Boosting the Bar in 5G Connected Mobility

Ready Connect Essential, the first in the product line, offers the greatest feature scalability and upgradability to support global market requirements – raising the bar to improve connected mobility experiences focused on safety, entertainment and productivity.​

Scalable, Upgradable, Transformational


HARMAN Ready Connect maximizes the level of software reuse and portability, thereby shortening the time-to-market and allowing the ability to maximize feature versatility and capability.


HARMAN Ready Connect can be futureproofed to maximize product longevity through the enablement of critical HW modules that can be replaced / upgraded in parallel with the latest consumer technology trends.


HARMAN Ready Connect takes in-vehicle connected mobility experiences to the next level, through its ability to be Edge ready and leverage powerful cellular/ edge network partnerships.

Key Features

Scalable Features & Functions

  • ​Scalable software architecture enables up to 90% software reuse and portability across product variants.

    Product Upgradability

  • ​Supports interchangeable hardware (modular NAD) with pin compatibility for network upgradability from 4G to 5G.

  • Futureproof design via upgradable hardware and scalable software enables prolonged product longevity and value in the marketplace.


Transformational User Experiences

  • ​Optional thin-client software enables Edge connectivity to support new and innovative V2X ICX use cases for improved in-vehicle safety and situational awareness.


Globalized Solution

  • Supports the latest regional and global standards such as R.16 5G and legacy cellular standards, WiFi and GNSS.​

Shortened Time-to-Market

  • Pre-validated products for regions including India, LATAM, APAC to ensure highest level of product design maturity, enabling reduced development and NRE to OEMs, as well as shortened time-to-market (12-18 months).​


Optimized Performance

  • ​Integrated smart conformal antenna technology improves performance with a high degree of antenna integration including cellular, BT and GNSS while minimizing overall system cost and weight by as much as $25 and 1kg respectively.

  • A compact design entertains new packaging environments and improves vehicle aesthetics and aerodynamics by eliminating external antennas previously required on a vehicle.

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