Smart City Infrastructure

Making Life Safer and More Efficient
HARMAN Smart City and Mobility Infrastructure Solutions

​HARMAN's robust portfolio of Smart City infrastructure products can transform any city into a smart city, opening the door for a vast array of services and applications that mobility users and pedestrians can benefit from by making their daily lives and commutes safer and more efficient.​

​With more vehicles on the road today than ever before, safety on the road and getting places efficiently has become a top priority. To enable a smart city environment, it is essential for vehicles on the road to be equipped with a V2X communication module and the supporting V2X software stack. A key technology is also the roadside unit, or RSU, that allows sharing of vital, real-time location information across devices like vehicles and pedestrians’ mobile phones.

HARMAN supplies all this today through its Telematics Control Units, Smart Antenna, and HARMAN Savari MobiWAVE and StreetWave product offerings. Additionally, to accurately convert the large amounts of V2X data coming from vehicles, roadside units, and pedestrians into actionable real-time alerts across a wide area, HARMAN also offers Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) software, called HARMAN Savari MECWAVE.

Smart City Infrastructure
Key Features

VRU Alerts

  • ​HARMAN Savari MECWAVE’s collision prediction engine runs in real-time and pulls data from nearby cell phones and MobiWAVE and StreetWAVE devices.
  • ​In one instance, MECWAVE will observe a jogger’s trajectory and location, putting them directly in the path of a vehicle coming down the road. MECWAVE sends an alert to the jogger’s phone and to the vehicle via MobiWAVE, preventing the potential collision.

Road Hazards in Inclement Weather

  • ​Driving in unfamiliar areas and inclement weather is dangerous and sometimes unavoidable.
  • But HARMAN Smart City products can make it safer. HARMAN Savari StreetWAVE transmits data it collects from an in-vehicle MobiWAVE unit in real-time to MECWAVE. 
  • MECWAVE aggregates this real-time information along with high-definition map data, local weather conditions, and traffics patterns, and transmits warnings to participating vehicles in the vicinity.
  • ​This includes an alert about a downed tree in the road, allowing a driver to apply the brakes ahead of time as other vehicles brake when they see the tree and may not stop in time to avoid the congestion.

Wrong-Way Driver

  • ​​HARMAN Smart City makes unpredictable road users predictable, and everyone safer.
  • HARMAN Savari MECWAVE, aggregating data from various StreetWAVE and MobiWAVE devices in the area, will notice that two vehicles are heading towards each other on the same side of the road.
  • ​​MECWAVE is able to send an alert to both vehicles and others in the area, allowing the two on course for collision to slow down and other vehicles to avoid the area of the potential traffic incident.​

Smart Parking

  • ​Users can reserve a parking space ahead of time, and pay for the space right in the app, too.
  • ​A Smart Parking app, connected to parking sensors in parking lots through RSUs like StreetWAVE, show users real-time aerial views of nearby parking lots.​

Asset Tracking

  • ​One easy-to-use dashboard for users to track facility management applications in real-time.

  • Smart-bin sensors on trash bins around a city are wirelessly connected to an RSU like StreetWAVE to send real-time status updates via the RSU to the cloud, where the data is visible through the app.

  • The dashboard allows status tracking, management, responsibility assignment, and assignment status of an entire team. Smart asset tracking allows the team to save time on unnecessary check-ins and optimized routes.​


Smart Lighting

  • “Energy Utilization dashboard” also offers efficiency and supports energy conservation.

  • Smart lighting sensors in city streetlights are wirelessly connected to a HARMAN RSU like StreetWAVE. These streetlamps can then send real-time lighting and power consumption updates via the RSU to the application in the cloud, where the city manager can see the data in the Energy Utilization dashboard in the Smart-City-as-a-Platform app.

  • Data for surges, defects, and malfunctions is all aggregated in the app and can be assessed and dealt with efficiently to maximize efficiency of the lights across the city.​

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