Digital Cockpit

The perfect companion for a digital life
Mobility means more than getting from A to B. In particular, The cockpit as an experiential hub has to serve more than just entertainment and control needs. The cockpit of today is fully connected, improves safety and the perfect companion for a digital life. The HARMAN Digital Cockpit combines all experiences on one single platform. The platform bundles all strengths of HARMAN’s areas of expertise to create maximum value for OEMs and consumers.

Digital Cockpit Solutions

Device Virtualization
Following the ASIL compliance, either a Linux containers or Type-1 Hypervisor technologies that separate digital cluster operating system (OS). While guaranteeing full reliability for safety features, a separate infotainment OS can be used to deliver an outstanding entertainment package.
Digital Cockpit Scalable Premium Solutions
The digital cockpit platform for scalable premium solutions leverages HARMAN’s wide range of core assets like connected services, the HARMAN Ignite cloud platform, ADAS functions and the pre-integrated HARMAN Android IVI and AudioworX to provide superior driving experiences to our customers.
Digital Cockpit Global Market Solutions
HARMAN’s Digital Cockpit Platform is designed to seamlessly connect the vehicle to relevant systems, thus saving the driver time and improving the connected lifestyle in the car and beyond.

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