Integrated Virtual Engineering Services that enable automotive sound system design
Virtual Sound System Design

HARMAN VirtualWORKS provides a virtual product development framework including tools, models, and processes, aiding the car audio system creation via integrated virtual engineering. This can be applied to all stages of the development process, from early concept phase and pre-development to manufacturing-related problem solving. This moves simulation-driven design to the front of the development process and provides supports throughout the product lifecycle.​

As product life cycles and development phases get shorter, customer requirements are changing at a faster pace, competition and cost pressure are intensifying and the number of car models is increasing. Against this backdrop, automotive audio and acoustics modelling poses a significant technical challenge. New products and technologies must be both innovative and mature – all while meeting the highest performance and quality standards. Achieving sound automotive solutions is no small feat, especially in light of complex product development, quality assurance and benchmarking.

The modular approach of the HARMAN VirtualWORKS concept is designed to meet customer requirements at any level and scale thanks to unlimited simulation capabilities. It delivers professional simulation services with industrialized solutions. Fully virtual development is always the aim here: from the simulation of single components and virtual integration into the car cabin to binaural playback auralization.


HARMAN VirtualWORKS reduces the need for physical samples and offers the right solution for every step of the development process.

Virtual Product Development

The Environment

  • Close collaboration of R&D, industrial design, engineering (transducers, amplifiers, and tuning) and simulation teams​


The Expertise

  • Validated HARMAN solutions and off-the-shelf options allows meeting customers’ requirements – from single-physics problems to advanced, fully coupled multi-physics analysis

  • Extensive numerical simulation expertise and project experience

  • Deep knowledge of car audio system design and evaluation


The Process

  • A transparent guideline during project execution

  • A standardized workflow from project definition to delivery, including review gates and quality checks​

  • Costs reductions and time optimization in developing Premium Car Audio systems without compromising performance or quality​

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